Simplifying how panel builders can meet evolving customer digital and service expectations

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The future looks ambitious for Panel Builders as they can expect big changes in demand for their products as electrification grows globally and exerts its dominance over all other forms of energy. As with most projects, customer requirements can change daily, and deadlines are short. The demand for more cooling, for example, is expected to triple by 2050, and will hugely increase electricity demand – as much electricity as all of China and India use today. Or take the example of EVs, which are estimated to become 50% of new car sales by 2040. The big picture is that the total growth of electricity is going to be massive, about 62% by 2050.

But for Panel Builders, will a rising tide lift all boats? I discuss the topic in detail with Luc Remont –EVP International Operations.

Moving beyond just “equipment assembly” to trusted advisors

As the stakes grow, so does the competition and not every player in the business will be successful. As end users increasingly demand greater efficiency and control over their energy, panel builders need to offer more than “just equipment.” Those who will thrive in the new electric world will also focus on developing their reputation as trusted advisors – coming with future-ready solutions that consider their customers’ CapEx and OpEx.

Stepping into this new unchartered role can be challenging, especially if taken on alone. That’s why a partnership with Schneider Electric’s mySchneider Panel Builders program goes beyond just providing bare components for panel assembly.

So what makes a successful partnership?

Luc: Partnership serves as a foundation for collaboration. By collaborating with expert industry partners, panel builders can address complex daily challenges with effective support from the design stage through the build stage.

By embracing digital technologies and leveraging new software and tools, our panel builder partners can more easily find the right product to build their complete panel. Today’s software advances allow for faster configuration, and quicker creation and sharing of their bill of materials while providing their customers with a rapid and optimized quotation.

This is all deliberately designed to save panel builders precious time throughout the project, from design and product selection up to quotation and manufacturing of the product. It is also a key way to be on top of the last digital applications and design innovations that enable electricity 4.0 in the future infrastructures.

Creating efficiency for energy usage and digital marketplace experiences

We have already launched ambitious digital initiatives before 2020, but now there is a renewed sense of urgency. We are doubling down with a sharper vision and a direct call to seize the opportunity. At Schneider Electric, we provide a system that has high integrity where customer privacy and confidential information are maintained. We are striving to provide a best-in-class digital experience involving simplicity and without buying frictions.

Luc: Absolutely, our customers want efficiency — not only energy efficiency in their buildings, plants, and homes but also efficiency in their digital experience and relationship with us. We continue to closely listen to their feedback and we are excited to have created a personalized and seamless experience where our panel builders have access to training, resources on market trends, and changes in global standards and specifications. They can also take advantage of platforms and tools to further help their business grow. Gathergates Group, one of our partner in Singapore is currently using our EcoStruxure platform and solutions to bring their customers to the next level regarding “future ready” and digital. I invite you to click here to watch their testimony.

Simple and comprehensive partner support

Our partners are quickly and seamlessly shifting to digital channels, just as huge numbers of employees are adapting almost overnight to the new world of virtual work. What is more, these shifts are providing business leaders with firsthand evidence of the enormous scalability, flexibility, and compelling unit economics of the digital business model.

With our award-winning mySchneider Panel Builders program, we are elevating our partnership model to the next level to drive business growth by generating more demand as well as by creating a simple customer experience across all channels. To learn more about mySchneider Panel Builders Program, download the brochure.

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