EcoXpert Awards 2021: And the Winners are…

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2021 was another successful year at Schneider Electric’s Digital Power Leadership Summit, our annual global event for Master-level EcoXpert partners in Critical Power and Substation Automation. It was held virtually this year, but we still had great success with dozens of partner companies participating from forty-four different countries.

Since 2016, the Digital Power Leadership Summit has brought together our business partners from around the world to vote and honor companies in four categories: Business Achievement, Partner of Distinction, Technical Innovation, and Project of the Year. Awards are always nice, but EcoXpert Awards are especially meaningful because they are voted on by their peers. Each company submits their nomination video or written proposal, and the Summit participants vote for their favorites in each category.

The past year has been challenging to say the least, but we’re pleased to say that our partners rose to the occasion by creating many very impressive projects. Our thanks go out to all who participated in the Summit.

Now, here are the winners in the first three categories…

Business Achievement — Guangzhou CH Control, China

Guangzhou CH Control worked step-by-step with a major hospital to create EcoStruxure for Healthcare, using digital IoT-integrated architectures for end-user applications designed specifically for hospitals. The Power Operation edge control solution assists the maintenance team with analysis, troubleshooting, and decision-making about all their electrical distribution systems. Plus, EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides a flexible cloud solution for power distribution equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance job management, and equipment asset management.

The result was reduced risk and fewer unexpected repairs, which helped bring the total cost of ownership as low as possible. The extensive system overhaul created significant cost savings, and greatly improved their team’s ability to isolate and solve any problems within the complex system.

“We look for a solution, rather than just the sale of equipment,” said Yong Shui, Digital Power Integrator Sales Expert for Guangzhou CH Control. “We introduce a true solution to establish the functions of hospital equipment and energy monitoring, logistics, business management, and decision support.”

Partner of Distinction — Quasar, New Zealand

Quasar developed a major facilities solution for one of New Zealand’s leading listed property companies. Quasar distinguished itself by creating one management system for 55 sites— a personalized solution to fit the client’s needs, both in terms of systems and company structure. The flexible, tailored solution of a Power Monitoring Expert base build, with one building in stage one and further buildings added over time, has proven invaluable to the client.

Stated Richard Schwass, Managing Director of Quasar: “This was a really good opportunity for us, as a flagship company with a high profile. The design was exciting, centering around PME’s excellent multi-site capabilities, incorporating a large number of disparate sites throughout New Zealand.”

The consolidated energy management system allows various stakeholders to view energy data for buildings across their office portfolio. Their Power Monitoring Expert software platform and EcoStruxure Power applications improves cost allocation, energy usage and performance analysis, efficiency compliance, and greenhouse gas reporting.  Finally, the project and customer is fully supported by Quasar through an ongoing services agreement that will be focused on supporting the customer in achievement of specific business outcomes. This ongoing commitment to customer success is core to the business of Quasar, and is reason for celebration.

Technical Innovation – Metrum, Brazil

Metrum developed an advanced solution for one of Brazil’s leading utilities with 9,000,000 live clients, 89 power generation plants, over 450 substations, and thousands of miles of transmission lines. With such substantial operations, they have become a technical reference for Brazil’s electrical sector.

Communication can be tough within such a large organization. Metrum innovated ways to improve communication between departments by developing one unified system. The Generation & Transmission operation retrieves data from meters every 4 seconds, sending real time reports to the National Generation Controller. The Distribution operation is monitoring and controlling demand. The Asset Management team is monitoring Power Quality KPIs. Their Revenue Metering generates an XML file for 3,000 meters every day, monitoring the data integrity of revenue meters. With the new system in place, the utility’s operations are smoother and communication is better than ever, and the utility has established itself as an innovation leader in Brazil’s electrical technology sector.

“We had many challenges to be where we are today,” said Pedro Dias, Head of Marketing and Sales for Metrum. “One of them was the installed base of our competitor (around 95%) due to the meter’s price. However, with a high-quality solution and good technical support, we were able to succeed.”

Congratulations to all

I want to congratulate the winners and express my appreciation to all of this year’s participants in the Digital Power Leadership Summit. Together, we are bringing the digital IoT and green building technology to organizations around the world. You can find out more about the EcoXpert partner program.

In my next blog, I’ll write about the fourth and final award winner: Azzo for “Project of the Year.”

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