Connected products enable tighter, long-term customer relationships

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Most electrical products in use today have been around for decades. Despite some improvements here and there, many have stayed essentially the same. But just as the inventions of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla shook the world in the 19th century, the digital revolution currently taking place is nothing short of transformative. And it affects the power industry.

connected products

It all comes down to connectivity. The future of distributed power systems is inextricably linked with connected products that leverage data capture and analysis to enable smart, productive, profitable operations. As a power equipment manufacturer (PEM), you play an essential role in this transformation by delivering the solutions and creating services that support connected products and generate recurring revenues.

The connected products and services you offer benefit your customers by transferring the burden to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot power systems to you. You can perform the tasks more efficiently so customers can focus on their core strengths. Schneider Electric supports you, our manufacturing partners, in this role by providing the products and tools that keep you digitally connected with customers and help build your relationship by adding value.

Connectivity delivers monitoring and visibility

Schneider Electric delivers a full complement of products, solutions, and services that allow you to establish long-term relationships with customers. These offerings facilitate round-the-clock connectivity and real-time maintenance by capturing data about the state of equipment and electrical currents at customer facilities. Systems can be set-up to issue alarms when anomalies or danger signs are detected so you can take action to prevent bigger problems.

At the heart of our connected approach is EcoStruxure™ Power, our digitization platform, which encompasses three essential cascading functions:

  • Data capture – Connected Products collect, aggregate, and visualize data in all power systems, down to individual circuit breakers, to monitor performance in power distribution networks and detect trouble areas that need to be addressed.
  • Monitoring software – On premise or in the cloud, edge software delivers visibility into power environments and reveals insights about the need for maintenance and upgrades. You can parlay this information into additional sales and customer services.
  • Engineering services – Schneider Electric supports partner offerings by providing machine-learning and engineering services that analyzes customer power quality, usage, availability, and the health of all metering The data can be compiled in detailed reports with recommendations for improvement.

Connected products improve communication

Schneider Electric’s range of connected products includes MasterPact MTZ Power Breakers. These EcoStruxure-ready breakers feature MicroLogic X Control units, and deliver current protection and diagnostics through downloadable digital modules for extended metering capabilities and breaker customization. Diagnostics capabilities enable predictive maintenance by sending alerts through the monitoring software when something needs attention, such as when a battery needs replacement or a breaker is approaching its end of life.

Everything can be monitored from a Human-Machine Interface (HMI), which connects with a breaker through one of multiple communications protocols, including TCP/IP and Bluetooth. Also available with MTZ breakers is an Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) switch to give added protection to personnel working on the breakers.

EcoStruxure Power Commissioning software is a digital application available for download for free. This software cuts about three hours out of the process to set up, test, and commission a power breaker by letting you execute breaker settings digitally. Beyond commissioning, the software issues reminders for maintenance updates and lets you generate QR codes for electrical panels that facilitate communication between you and the customer. All relevant information about the panel, including maintenance, is available digitally by scanning the code.

Connected products add business value

Connected products benefit customers in multiple ways. Connectivity enables data collection and analysis. These boost efficiency and facilitate predictable maintenance so you can address issues and replace parts before downtime occurs. Data captured from power systems has immediate and long-term benefits. Data collected in real time enables quick decisions when an issue demands immediate attention, while data accumulated over time provides insights that enable predictive maintenance and strategic investments.

Connected products enable long-term relationships between manufacturers, service providers, and customers, facilitating ongoing communication to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of power distribution systems.

From your perspective as a PEM, connectivity is also valuable because it creates a tighter relationship with your customers and allows technicians to perform tasks more efficiently and safely. Technicians can reduce site visits for maintenance thanks to monitoring and visibility. You also save time on tasks such as panel commissioning so you can do more in less time and put a strong focus on strategic goals.

And by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by connected products, PEMs like you can get a leg up on the competition by delivering digital products and services that will enable your customers thrive in the connected future.

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