Our commitment to simplicity and sustainability: Easy Lock for I-LINE™Track busway and TransferPacT device win Red Dot Award

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Schneider Electric received the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design for our Easy Lock mechanism which is used for I-LINETrack PIU, part of our Line series, and the new TransferPacT WATSN, part of our PacT series, power source-changeover switch. As an accessory to the Schneider Electric I-LINE Track busway system, the Easy Lock innovation enables PIU (plug-in unit) installation or removal in only a few seconds, resulting in ten times higher efficiency than competing busway systems. The new TransPacT WATSN device provides reliable low-voltage power source switching in a uniquely compact design smaller than competing offers, with operating modes selectable using a simple 3-way slider.

Schneider Electric is honored to be recognized with these two Red Dot Awards, from one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions. Easy Lock and TransferPacT WATSN are examples of our commitment to empowering our partners and customers with simplified, digital, and sustainable solutions that help save time and cost, maximize reliability, and meet corporate efficiency and environmental goals. Let’s look more closely at how Easy Lock or I-LINE Track PIU, and TransferPacT WATSN deliver on these values.

The simplified solution helps partners work smarter and faster

Schneider Electric works with hundreds of thousands of specifiers, panel builders, contractors, integrators, and other service partners around the globe. Our EcoXpert partners bring important expertise to delivering our world-class solutions. Through our Partnerships of the Future program, we are empowering all of our partners for the New Electric World with simplified, open, and digital solutions. These enable our partners to work smarter and faster while advancing efficiency and sustainability for our customers once solutions are in service. Part of this commitment is to design systems that are easier to install and commission.

Saving time during busway installation

Traditionally, busway PIU installation has been a complicated process due to inefficient connection mechanisms. The unique Easy Lock accessory represents a major step forward in simplifying PIU installation as part of an I-LINE medium power busway (250 to 800 A). Easy Lock integrates operation, automatic lock, and status indication into one unit for the first time.

Easy Lock Red Dot Award Winner

The Easy Lock design creates a PIU that includes a trigger mechanism, hanging claws, and handle. The complete unit can be ‘click locked’ into place in just a few seconds, with no additional tools required. The patented design includes a silver-plated spring jaw and elastic fit that ensure a firm, reliable connection with low contact resistance that reduces the risk of heat generation. A highly visible green icon helps the installer easily confirm that the PIU has been securely fixed.

The PIU with Easy Lock can also be ‘hot plugged’ onto a live busbar, anywhere over the full length, with no downtime. And, similar to installation, a PIU can be removed from the busway in only three seconds.

In addition, the I-LINE Track was the first busway system to introduce a sliding joint design that saves time during installation as well as avoiding installation errors, reducing system risks, and improving current carrying capacity by 100%. Both the I-LINE Track busway and PIUs have been tested together to be certified to the latest IEC standard 61439-6.

Saving space with a simplified power transfer solution

Low voltage power distribution panels are often installed in locations with limited width (e.g., a shaft), or shallow depth due to the need to be concealed. Both situations result in panels with limited space for equipment, including automatic transfer switches. The Red Dot Winner Award TransferPacT WATSN source-changeover switch answers this need with a compact, space-saving design with 30% less width and depth compared to competing products. By improving space utilization, TransferPacT WATSN helps reduce the size of distribution panels to a standard 400 mm width, which also reduces cost.Schneider Electric gets Red Dot Award

A modular design with a standard unified platform and interface speeds installation and commissioning, which helps reduce labor costs for panel builders and contractors. A wide range of functionality can be selected with simple, onsite-replaceable accessories that enable expandable functionality to meet various needs. Modularity also helps reduce design selection time and cost for specifiers, while resulting in a value-added, more competitive distribution panel.

In operation, TransferPacT WATSN features an eye-catching, space-saving green slider module with a cleverly integrated handle that selects between manual/auto/locked status. The manually selected state is synchronously interlocked with the auto state to help avoid misoperation. TransferPacT is also certified to CCC, CB, and CE product safety standards.

Digital-ready products for future-ready reliability and efficiency

Our digital solutions help our partners deliver the connectivity and intelligence needed for more resilient operations and increased efficiency at every stage of an installation’s lifecycle.

The I-LINE Track busway system offers smart options that give data center operations teams real-time visibility of busway performance and safety. First, each PIU and feed unit can be equipped with digital power meters and connectable breaders, sharing data with EcoStruxure software to enable capacity management, energy efficiency analysis, client sub-billing, and pre-alarming on any overload risk conditions.

In addition, wireless temperature sensors can be installed at each joint pak point, while an optical fiber temperature monitoring system can be installed along the full length of the busway. In combination, these solutions will detect if critical temperature limits are exceeded, sending alarms to operations personnel. Alerts identify the problem location to enable a quick response before the issue causes damage or downtime due to abnormal heat.

TransferPacT WATSN provides outstanding performance for automatic transfer switching of alternate power sources for critical loads in low voltage systems. It also offers the connectivity needed to support intelligent maintenance. The product can be connected to the cloud for data upload and analysis, with fast remote access by maintenance personnel to ATS status, power and operational conditions, number of transfers, and fault information. This can help support improved energy efficiency and conservation while optimizing maintenance time and costs.

Green product innovation from the world’s most sustainable company

Schneider Electric was recently ranked the world’s most sustainable company in 2021 by Corporate Knights Global 100 Index, recognizing our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance issues, as well as our transformation into a leading provider of digital solutions that facilitate energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) program for 2021-2025 includes focusing three-quarters of investment on green innovation and generating 80% ‘green revenues’. Schneider Electric considers this year’s Red Dot Awards for Easy Lock and TransferPacT WATSN as endorsements for the strategic innovations that are helping us, our partners, and our customers work more efficiently and build a greener future for the planet.

As part of our I-LINE Track busway system, Easy Lock is part of our ‘Green Premium’ offers. The I-LINE system represents exceptional environmental performance, being manufactured from recyclable plastic and aluminum parts that are fully RoHS and REACH compliant.

The compact design of I-LINE Track busways requires 60% less size than market mainstream products.

And as a universal accessory, Easy Lock can be adapted to PIUs of different sizes and weights for high production standardization, reduced inventory, and reduced cost. I-Line conductors have greater than 99.9% copper purity that helps deliver greater than 98% conductivity, helping maximize energy efficiency.

TransferPacT WATSN also complies with the RoHS and REACH standards, helping to eliminate hazardous substances and support environmental safety.

To learn more about the Easy Lock accessory and the I-LINE Track busway range of solutions, visit the offer page. To learn more about the Schneider Electric sustainability vision, strategy, and solutions, visit our Sustainability page.

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