Circuit breaker innovation drives today’s quality and reliability standards

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As business operations become more digital – and more complicated – the need for high-quality, reliable power grows. Just look at the consequences of unplanned downtime: the average cost of a data center outage is $740,000 per minute, while losing access to electronic health records after a power loss costs $9,000 per minute. Now consider the fact that weather-related blackouts doubled between 2003 and 2012, and continue to escalate today. Schneider Electric is focused on helping companies enable a more sustainable and resilient future through the convergence of electricity and digitization. And at the core of that commitment are innovative power infrastructure solutions distinguished by their lasting quality and reliable performance.

Quality and reliability are non-negotiable

Schneider Electric is dedicated to premium quality throughout the product lifecycle. From offer creation, manufacturing, and delivery to operations and services, we provide our customers a predictive and personalized end-to-end digital experience. One of our core values is “customer first,” which drives us to always go “above and beyond” for anyone we do business with. A robust quality management system allows us to improve continuously and rigorously. We are always building on our commitment to deliver high-quality products through the use of hyper-efficient processes and advanced tools that comply with ISO 9001.

Perhaps no product is more representative of this culture of quality than our MasterPact MTZ air circuit breakers.

More than 30 years of product innovation

Introduced in 1987, MasterPact circuit breakers have established a reputation of high quality and performance. Today, they are the most popular air circuit breaker in more than 100 countries, with over 3 million units in operation. Supported by our digitally connected power distribution solution, EcoStruxure Power, MasterPact MTZ helps ensure efficient and reliable power availability with smart connectivity, remote monitoring, and easy customization.

By exceeding IEC standards 60947-2 and 60947-3 compliance, our air circuit breakers are designed to keep your electrical systems online, even under the harshest conditions, and have been thoroughly tested in a vast range of environments, including:

  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Vibrations and mechanical shocks
  • Corrosive and chemical atmospheres
  • Severe temperatures

Their mechanical performance is eight times greater than what global standards require, making them suitable for large and demanding applications, including wind turbines, marine vessels, data centers, critical healthcare facilities, and more.

Digital capabilities enhance power availability and recovery

On its own, MasterPact MTZ will help you recover power when a fault occurs. Further, the use of the EcoStruxure Power Device app coupled with MasterPact MTZ digital modules* will help you reduce troubleshooting time in power outage events by up to 15%. Even without a power supply, you can still identify the outage root cause with an easy, touchless NFC connection and then access a simple and interactive power restoration guide to help restore your installation quickly and safely.

When deployed as part of EcoStruxure Power, MasterPact MTZ combines physical quality with digital dependability to help facility teams build and maintain resilient operations. End users can determine the health of individual circuits at a glance and can be alerted when maintenance is needed. And Schneider Electric is poised to help you maintain your operations anytime, anywhere. From technical support to complete customer service, we care about your business and distinct needs.

How selectivity helps minimize downtime

With MasterPact MTZ selectivity, if a fault condition occurs on a circuit, only the breaker closest to the fault will trip. The circuit breakers upstream from the tripped breaker are unaffected, and power remains available to all other circuits and loads.

MasterPact MTZ is a category B air circuit breaker that is certified up to the rated short-time withstand current. Thanks to its high-performance control unit and innovative design, the standard product offers a high level of selectivity with downstream molded case circuit breakers up to 630 A.

In addition to providing the usual selectivity on instantaneous and short-time short circuit protection (ANSI 50/50TD/51), and long-time overcurrent protection (ANSI 49RMS/51), our air circuit breakers also provide IDMTL (Inverse Definite Minimum Time-Lag) protection. The latter can facilitate the selectivity with upstream protection devices harder to coordinate with, such as fuses (High Voltage Fuse), or low-voltage protection relay where the long-time protection is set at a very low level.

Similarly, with the rise of microgrids featuring multiple power sources running in parallel, the standard overcurrent protection is insufficient to achieve selectivity. However, it can be achieved by implementing directional overcurrent protection (ANSI 67), thanks to the detection of the short-circuit direction, as shown below.

circuit breaker

Your Partner in the New Electric World

With the refinement and innovation of high-quality products like MasterPact MTZ air circuit breakers, we invite you to join us in the Partnerships of the Future so together we can prepare for the all-electric, all-digital world of tomorrow. Our goal is to enhance user experiences through simplification while providing open solutions for ease of adoption. That is why our Partner Programs are designed to give you a competitive edge and a collaborative forum for business growth.

Take the next step by learning more about MasterPact MTZ, Power Availability and Reliability, and Schneider Electric’s Partnerships of the Future program.

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