Digital Tools Help Power Equipment Manufacturers (PEM) Move at Today’s Speed of Business

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Autonomy and speed are key to competitiveness in power equipment manufacturing. Take too long preparing a proposal, and you are bound to lose the bid to a speedier competitor. Thankfully, forward-thinking suppliers are helping Power Equipment Manufacturers (PEM), like you, to respond to this need for speed with digital support tools designed to make important PEM partners more efficient.

Schneider Electric understands these challenges well and offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools to drive efficiency and accelerate projects. Easily accessible 24/7 through the web or mobile devices, these resources link to an extensive product database with part numbers, descriptions, product selectors, and all the technical documentation you need to spec out fast custom solutions and to quickly build an accurate quote.

The tools compress quote-generation to minutes or hours, not days. You don’t have to wait to hear back from your sales executive about a technical question because the information is at your fingertips. When selecting a circuit breaker, panel, or semi-assembled equipment, you’ll find all the relevant information, such as amperage and product dimensions, by spending just a few minutes online.

Key Digital Tools Available Now

digital tools for PEMs

In most cases the information is readily available through quick searches to help move the project forward. Schneider Electric’s online tools cover all aspects of the bidding, quote-building, and commissioning process. Here is a list of five key digital tools.

SE Advantage: A Digital Configuration Tool that Saves You Time

SE Advantage is a user-friendly configuration tool that provides access to product selectors, which help you pick the products and parts needed to build a custom power distribution solution. The tool is always up to date to ensure accuracy. There is a training video that guides you through the various aspects of the tool and helps you navigate through options as you select components for your solution.

SE Advantage lets you build quotes, configure electrical OEM structural offers, and connect with distributors for quick pricing. The tool also allows you to create documents such as project drawings and print them as PDFs or CAD files, prepare and print BOMs, and create purchase orders (PO). SE Advantage gives you a leg up on the competition by speeding up the sales process.

PEM Web Portal: Your Gateway to Digital Tools and Technical Documents

mySchneider Web Portal for Power Equipment Manufacturers (PEM) is a valuable resource for electrical OEMs. Through the portal, you can access all the other Schneider Electric digital tools, including SE Advantage, as well as a full menu of resources designed to help you prepare proposals with accurate, up-to-date information to meet specific customer requirements.

The PEM Web Portal connects you to a host of technical documents, product descriptions, and manuals so you don’t have to wade through multiple web pages to find information. The information is accessible from a link on the portal or a quick search. The portal also gives you access to Schneider Electric learning webinar series, which you can attend at no cost and earn professional engineering credits. Digital classes also are available on basic and intermediate topics to help bring your employees up to speed on our products.

EZ Selectors: Help You Select the Right Product for the Job

Whether you’re looking for circuit breakers, soft starters, an AC drive, or another product to fulfill a customer order, Schneider Electric’s EZ Selectors can guide you through the process. To identify the best match for your project, selectors ask you a series of five or six questions about product attributes, such as amperage, breaker frame, and trip unit type. As you answer the questions, the system determines which products fit your criteria and provides part numbers.

I-Line Selector: Helps You Identify the Best Interior of Your Application

Schneider Electric’s I-Line power distribution panelboard interiors and switchboard interiors feature a unique engagement system for molded case circuit breakers. These systems come in different configurations, and the selector helps you determine which best suits your project. When you answer the selector’s questions, you’ll get the part number so you can quickly place your order.

EcoStruxure Power Commission (EPC): Comprehensive Software for Testing, Checking, and Reporting

This EcoStruxure™ Power Commission tool is downloadable free of charge. With it, you can set up and test all the connected devices in an electrical panel, check firmware compatibility, and generate comprehensive reports to complete your commissioning. The software lets you generate QR codes for digital collaboration. Whenever you scan the code, the software pulls up all the documentation associated with a piece of equipment. The tool can compress commissioning time from four hours to one, saving you time and money.

Digital Tools Help You Achieve Business Efficiency

Schneider Electric’s digital tools are a true differentiator. They enable you to compete by staying up to date on technology and market developments and learning about new product features as they evolve. At a time when speed and autonomy are so important, digital tools help you achieve business efficiency.

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