New Industrial Edge Computing Certification Empowers System Integrators to Become Trusted IT/OT Consultants

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The manufacturing and process sectors are undergoing a transformation commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. These sectors are embracing digital transformation to yield operational efficiencies and reduce production costs. MarketsandMarkets predicts that the Industry 4.0 market will reach USD 156.6 billion globally by 2024. As companies work on their Industry 4.0 roadmap, they are looking for IT solutions such as industrial edge computing to enable their digital transformation.

Edge computing places processing, analysis, and storage close to data sources to eliminate cloud latency. For example, a manufacturer that replaced its manual quality assurance (QA) process with a cloud-based automated system actually experienced a slowdown in production. A switch to edge computing accelerated the process — the manufacturer gained 93 seconds per product on the QA time. So, industrial operators who want to fully leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 need edge computing solutions to deliver the speed and resiliency that is crucial to support automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

industrial edge computing certification program

Edge computing skills are in demand. Industrial system integrators who develop, implement, and maintain OT (Operational Technology) software applications such as SCADA are getting requests from customers to handle IT-related tasks. So, in addition to designing and implementing industrial software and applications, integrators are being asked to support customers in meeting edge computing challenges and goals. This gives integrators an opportunity to take more of a consulting role and add value for customers who, given the chance, prefer to work with a single contact for their technology needs.

Industrial Edge Computing Certification Program for System Integrators

Customers need assurances that integrators have the requisite competencies. To that end, Schneider Electric has introduced the Industrial Edge Computing certification for system integrators. This certification is open to all industrial system integrators* who register with the mySchneider Personalized Experience, and is designed to help these system integrators demonstrate proficiency with edge computing deployments and integrations.

The certification’s curriculum covers two primary areas of instruction:

  1. General industry information about IT demands in the industrial space, how edge computing meets those demands, and how to scope out solutions for customers
  2. An introduction to Schneider Electric edge computing solutions and services, and instruction on reference designs developed jointly with select partners

Certification at a Glance

Schneider Electric designed the Industrial Edge Computing certification for quick learning and validation. Earning the certification badge requires a modest time commitment — three to four hours in online instruction that can be completed at any time. There is no on-site requirement, and the training curriculum is self-guided. Learners can schedule instruction for convenient times and complete it all at once, or one course at a time. The curriculum culminates in a test to validate expertise.

Certifications provide a kind of shorthand for technical experts to demonstrate they have the requisite knowledge in a particular area. When customers see that a system integrator has earned the Industrial Edge Computing certification, they will know their project is in good hands.

Certification Benefits

System integrators who earn the certification will enjoy benefits that make it easier to access the tools, designs, and solutions they need for successful edge computing implementations. One significant benefit is the ability to register as a Cisco Technology Solution Integrator and leverage the vendor’s support and financing options. Thanks to Schneider Electric’s long-standing relationship with Cisco, we can extend our agreement to our Certified Partners. This means you can leverage the same technical and commercial advantages that Schneider Electric has with Cisco.

Another key benefit is direct access to Schneider Electric’s Local Edge Configurator through the mySchneider partner portal. The configurator lets users design edge computing solutions with best-in-class physical infrastructure, management, services, and physical security. The tool is easy to use, providing rapid design and visual, rack-level representation of solutions. Through the configurator, system integrators can access industrial edge computing reference designs, consisting of pre-configured complete solutions for which all components have been tested and validated.

Register for the Industrial Edge Computing Certification for System Integrators

The Industrial Edge Computing certification recognizes a market need and aims to help system integrators fill that need with a consultant-focused approach that benefits both the solution provider and the end customer. For industrial SIs, the certification represents another step toward the future of converged IT and OT. Register or login to the mySchneider Personalized Experience to access the Industrial Edge Computing certification today!

*Access to the Industrial Edge Computing certification is available to registered industrial system integrators in the mySchneider portal. If you are currently not registered in the portal or have questions on accessing the program, please contact your local Schneider Electric sales representative for assistance.

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