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Power: What would be a world without reliable, safe, green, efficient power? What are the impacts on our lives when a hospital or a data center face power downtime? Power is everywhere around us, it’s so present that we, power consumers, sometimes forget how vital it is. Yet, urbanization and digitalization trends highlight the importance of power generation, distribution, operation and consumption. Here the Panel Builder plays a critical role, and he has something to say…

Precision. Quality. Safety. These are some of the tenets that drive electrical panel manufacturing, the cornerstone for a facility’s power infrastructure. Collaborative in nature, the art of panel building requires specialized expertise and coordination among key stakeholders including Specifiers, Contractors, Facility Managers and System Integrators. Charged with meeting demanding delivery schedules, today’s Panel Builder makes high performance and reliable panels that can deliver operational efficiency and security to all type of critical infrastructure (data centers, hospitals, energy, transportation, buildings…). The result is essential to maintaining competitive differentiation in an industry where ensuring business continuity is the currency of success. Gaining market share in today’s digital age requires Panel Builders to keep abreast of innovations in electrical panel design and current standards while also understanding the requirements of clients’ energy management ecosystems. Panel Builders are often serving as Solution Providers, bringing their extensive knowledge of market requirements to projects.

Panel Builder

At Schneider Electric, we believe that Panel Builders are integral to our success in delivering excellent customer experience. Our global mySchneider Panel Builder Program, launched in Innovation Summit Barcelona 2019 in front of 85 licensee Panel Builders, is designed to help win more business, boost customer satisfaction, and enhance panel builder’s skills. We’re committed to offer comprehensive training to our Panel Builders for all our innovations, in addition to resources and tools to help them differentiate themselves with technology and in business.

We’re excited to propose five new EcoXpertcompetency certifications designed to help our Panel Builder community to stand out from the crowd. An EcoXpert is a Schneider Electric partner company that is trained and certified on EcoStruxure, our open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform.

Our mission is to help Panel Builders to define their value proposition in a global market that demands more and better integrated systems and architectures. Demonstrated expertise in the following five areas will enable them to prepare for a future that is all-electric and all-digital:

  • LV & MV Panel EcoXpert recognizes expertise in Power Distribution and Motor Control.
  • Digital Panel EcoXpert recognizes expertise in delivering tested, commissioned, ethernet-ready panels.
  • Critical Power EcoXpert recognizes system integration capabilities for advanced power management solutions.
  • Power Services EcoXpert recognizes expertise in maintenance and modernization services.

By growing the expertise of our Panel Builder partners, Schneider Electric grows stronger. To learn more, visit our Partner Portal. Stay tuned for our next post on detailed support benefits and how you can leverage them to establish your specialization in the panel building industry.

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