GAME CHANGING TECH! – Arc Flash Energy Reduction for Safety and Resiliency

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“Once in a while an innovative technology will catch my eye as an industry GAME CHANGER! Like when I first learned about ArcBlokTM for low voltage motor control centers (MCCs).”

In the past 2 decades awareness of arc fault hazards necessitated evolving codes and standards to protect personnel. Since then, many solutions have arisen to protect personnel and critical assets. Each of these solutions (e.g. policies, procedures, maintenance setting switches, arc flash relays, PPE, arc resistant gear, etc.) have up and downsides. The amazing thing about ArcBlok is, that it not only addresses the hazard, but also addresses many of the short falls presented by other solutions.

ArcBlokThe severity of an arc fault hazard is determined by the energy released and its ability to harm personnel or equipment. The largest hazard produced from an MCC lineup would be from a line side incident before the main circuit breaker. ArcBlok isolates the line side conductors and reduces the likelihood of accidental contact with those conductors and the potential for arc faults.

What You Need to Know

  1. ArcBlok reduces energy released and the potential for damage.
  2. ArcBlok is a passive technology reducing negative consequences of human error.
  3. ArcBlok reduces the arc duration and self-extinguishes it in less than one cycle!
  4. ArcBlok has been tested and assessed using ANSI/IEEE Std. C37.20.7-2017, Annex H Motor Control Centers (UL 845).
  5. ArcBlok is less costly than arc resistant MCC construction and provides operational resiliency that arc resistant gear does not.
  6. ArcBlok comes with additional features for even more benefits!

Where You Can Learn More

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