Infographic: 21 Power Distribution Facts

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The productivity and comfort of every kind of building depends on the safety and reliability of its power distribution infrastructure, while the efficiency of how electrical energy is consumed has a significant impact on the bottom line. In step with the increasing size and complexity of facilities and loads, power distribution systems have become more capable, taking advantage of advancements in protection and control. But an electrical infrastructure is still vulnerable. Human error, harsh environments, aging equipment, poor power quality and many other dynamic conditions can put maintenance personnel, power sensitive loads, and facility uptime at risk. In the face of emerging emission regulations, it’s also imperative to reveal every opportunity to improve energy efficiency. See the infographic below for a more complete look at the trends and statistics driving the need for power digitization.

Power Distribution Infographic

EcoStruxure™ Power solutions from Schneider Electric are digitizing power systems with IoT-enabled sensors and cloud-based analytics that give maintenance, operations, and financial teams the simple tools they need to optimize the safety, continuity, efficiency, and cybersecurity of their power distributions systems.

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