The Secret of Our Award Winning Design Success

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At Schneider Electric, we pride ourselves in making our customers’ buildings safer, more reliable, efficient, comfortable, and stylish. I work in the Industrial Design and Ergonomics team, which is made up of more than 25 industrial designers from the top art and design schools around the world. Our design offices are strategically located across five continents, which ensures our designers can develop a deep understanding of each regional design trends and styles, so that our solutions meet the unique needs of customers, everywhere. Our team’s success can be measured by the fact that since 2010, we have won more than 40 prestigious design awards.


The Reddot Awards

Most recently, our efforts been recognized at the prestigious Reddot Awards, where we were honored to receive three design awards, each in the Reddot Winner category.  Established in 1995, and now one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design, the Reddot Design international awards competition spans a total of 48 categories, where short-listed products are reviewed by an international jury panel whose task it is to evaluate each entry, in terms of design quality, excellence, and innovation.


Industry design recognition

On behalf of our entire design team, we are thrilled to receive these three prestigious Reddot Awards. This success is recognition of the progress we are making in the design of highly innovative and stylish solutions that satisfy all market segments. And, having won numerous design awards over the past decade, we recognize that design is what differentiates Schneider Electric from our competition.


And the awards go to….

Wiser Radiator Thermostat

Based on an iconic yet simplistic design, the Wiser Radiator Thermostat is designed to make heating smart. Mountable on existing radiator valves, home occupants can now control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms – via the intuitive Wiser App – to ensure that energy management is optimized. Alternatively, control can be carried out manually, using the unique twist-top design.

Wiser IRTV Reddot Design Award


Sequence 5

Sequence 5 is an electrical accessories range, based on natural high-quality materials, clean lines, and magnificent finishes, that has been designed for state of the art/luxury buildings. Currently available solely for the French market, this exquisite range comes in a wide range of colors and styles, and its products are ergonomically optimized to ensure optimized style and comfort. The Sequence 5 range includes switches, outlets, lighting control, KNX control technology, and multimedia connections.

Sequence5 Reddot Design Award


ComPact NSX – with integrated earth leakage protection

ComPact NSX is an integral member of the Compact range of high-performance molded case circuit breakers. This innovative solution is simple to mount and install, delivers enhanced connectivity and smart analytics, and now incorporates MicroLogic Vigi integrated earth leakage protection. This means a high level of safety and convenience, as there’s no need to install an additional earth-leakage module.

Compact NSX earth-leakage Protection Reddot Design Award


We invite you to discover our latest Reddot award-winning solutions: Wiser Radiator Thermostat, the Sequence 5 luxury switch range and ComPact NSX molded case circuit breaker.