Power Distribution System Characteristics: Up to 630A

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For panel builders, understanding how to build an electrical power distribution system is important. As noted in the introductory article, this can be done by following IEC 61439 or an appropriate local standard as well as component manufacturer specific instructions about assembly and derating, along with using the correct grade and type of conductor.

It is important to adhere to the standard and manufacturer instructions and to test for compliance to them. Doing so ensures performance will be acceptable for the life of the installation, thanks to built-in operating margins.

Panel builders can achieve this using flat busbars that are custom crafted. IEC 61439 provides tables that set bar size depending on the current load for a given ambient temperature. Pursuing customization places the entire burden of calculation and compliance testing directly on the panel builder.

An alternative is to use pre-fabricated busbars and components. These are validated by the manufacturer, with the main tests proving compliance to the standard already done. Pre-fabricated solutions eliminate any costs or delays associated with certification, thereby saving panel builders time and money.

Ideally, a pre-fabricated power distribution solution should include several different types of components because this gives the greatest flexibility in an installation. Busbars, for instance, should be available in a compact comb busbars configuration to ensure proper connections are always made.

Another part of a pre-fabricated solution should be a device feeder that allows maximum flexibility to balance phases and quickly repartition connection points while still offering a completely tested and inexpensive option. Distribution blocks should also be available because these are compact and have cabling capacity for dozens of connection points.

An electrical panel should also include flat or profiled busbars according to the need (e.g., IP, In, Icc Surface treatment for specific environment, etc.).  If you use a prefabricated system, it is easy to find all the components you need for your electrical distribution.

Our Linergy line of products including: comb busbars, distribution blocks, device feeders, and power busbars,  are fully code compliant, flexible and integrated, see Figure 1.

Figure 1

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