Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing: Preparation Before Assembly

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Careful evaluation before actual construction begins can avoid surprise problems later in the process.

Building a switchboard should be a thoroughly planned activity. There are four main points that should be checked before the workshop starts the assembly process.

1 – Production Files

The designer should prepare the production files, including precise layout, bill of material (BOM), manufacturing drawings, front view drawing, single line diagram, command and control diagram and so on, to make the assembly job efficient and maintain a good quality level for the final production.

2 – Component Availability Inventory

It is essential to have all the components available when the operators start the assembly in the workshop. Once the designer has confirmed the BOM, the supply chain team should be able to take action to prepare all the components accordingly. The assembly schedule should also be aligned with the larger production schedule.

3 – Proper Workshop Space

A panel assembly workshop can take up a great deal of space, but it is critical to have it available when starting the assembly process. The workshop should include an area for the electrical panel, and space for components and feeding components. A well prepared space can provide a proper environment for the assembly job. For more information about Workshop Organization, you can check my another blog, “Organizing a Manufacturing Area.”

4 – Manpower Competency

All things considered, the most valuable resource we need to prepare is our people. We should make sure that enough workers have been assigned to a project so it will be possible to meet the final delivery date. You should consider the personal experience and individual capabilities of workers when assigning them to different projects. Regular training programs should be included to maintain competency and skills of the operators.

The ability to deliver electrical switchboards with high quality construction and on-time delivery will identify your shop as a professional operation. Selection of high quality components also tells customers your enclosures are designed for many years of trouble-free operation. Schneider Electric’s Panel Builder Portal offers many practical resources to help you make the best design and component selection. When your shop delivers products exhibiting excellence in all areas, customers will return for additional projects.

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