With ClimaSys DT, System Integrators Keep Their Cool

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. That is almost always true.

On the other hand, the reliability of each individual piece of equipment does not always ensure the overall reliability of a control cabinet panel. However, that figure can be improved if a system integrator properly configures a cabinet.

To see why, consider that in the design phase each individual electronic item has a working temperature range that is taken into consideration. But, an actual control cabinet, in many cases, may suffer from overtemperature due to multiple factors:

  • The arrangement inside the cabinet can lead to hot pockets. It is possible that these may form frequently. It is also often the case that they appear in places where infrared cameras used to detect hot spots have little access, such as the back of the cabinet. There is potential for these problems unless the cabinet architecture has been thoroughly checked out and studied.
  • When internal fans or equipment stop working, often they do not have elements that alert to this situation. The resulting temperature increase drastically reduces useful life of gear, and it can also age other nearby equipment.

Therefore, more than ever, when a control cabinet is closed, you cannot accept not knowing what goes on internally in terms of temperature, humidity and dew point evolutions. This is particularly true in industrial environments, which can be harsh.

If PLC’s, switches, variable speed drives, industrial PCs, contactors and other equipment exceed their normal working range, the entire system can enter a critical operational condition. This creates risks for the function assigned to the individual components and the cabinet.

Schneider Electric has implemented a new process to strengthen the study and diagnosis of thermal variables at all times: in the initial project phase, during installation and start-up and finally in the operation and maintenance period. This will launch at the beginning of the year. The new ClimaSys DT offering is accompanied by two free software program: EffiClima and ProClima 7. These have been enriched with 6 algorithms that allow detection of environmental conditions inside a control cabinet panel. This data makes it possible to make processes inside the cabinet more reliable.

The advantages of this generation of DTT, DTH and MiniLogDT dataloggers are its

  • High precision in the measurement, of up to 0.3ºC,
  • Great capacity of storage (up to 32,000 samples),
  • Robustness and
  • Enabling of autonomous measurement of the quality of the air at any point in the closet or factory.

Once the datalogger is connected, it automatically generates a first PDF formatted report which can easily be sent to an e-mail address.

For more info, please download the e-brochure, “Get maximum control panel performance and reliability,and watch our video.

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