Getting Maximum Reliability out of Onboard Control Panels

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OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) export machinery worldwide. They produce different kind of machines for different applications and each project involves new requirements and challenges. Let’s imagine a packing machine designed by an OEM that will be placed in a completely new installation (a Greenfield) and the humidity is above 70%, The same kind of machine will be sent to an existing packing factory (a Brownfield) somewhere else, and air temperature is on the acceptable level (less than 30 °C). A third machine will be installed in remote places and locations. Even though the machines are the same, the thermal conditions are different and the technical considerations around the electrical installations will be as well.

What about you? Do you know the precise environmental conditions around your most critical control panels? If not, they may be underperforming. Temperature, humidity, and dew point all affect the performance of electrical and electronic devices. Problem is, unless these environments are assessed properly, thermal conditions will compromise reliability, safety, and efficiency, as well as the lifetime of the electrical panels.

Currently in the market there are different tools to measure temperature conditions but the most important is to consider a complete system, to capture the data but also create reports and understand the outcomes. Answering to that need Schneider Electric now offers you an innovative, simple and effective way to precisely assess thermal conditions around your electrical installations. ClimaSys DT: diagnostic tools is an easy-to-use solution to get a right diagnosis of your equipment with simple 3 steps.

  1. With ClimaSys DT Dataloggers, you can know with maximum accuracy (+-0.3 ºC) the temperature evolution, humidity levels, and dew points inside and outside your control panels. You can set intervals over a period of time and track fast or slow measurements in indoor and outdoor environments.
  1. New EffiClima software (free download) takes the data from data loggers and creates a complete and accurate tracking report of thermal conditions.
  1. ProClima calculation software with more than 20 years’ experience in the market will analyze the collected data and determine the optimal thermal solution for each of your control panel installations.

A reliable tool for the right diagnosis

ClimaSys DT enables users to access accurate and reliable thermal measurement data in design, commissioning, and exploitation phases. Wherever your project is taking place you can count on it.

1. Improve reliability

Know in advance the external conditions — temperature, humidity, dew point — in indoor and outdoor ambient to achieve machine optimizations. Using ClimaSys DT you can support technical discussions before making maintenance decisions linked to temperature effects.

2. Extend equipment lifetime

Once equipment is installed, environmental changes can go unnoticed. For example, variable speed drives and PLCs, may continue to work despite changes of heat and humidity, causing them to reach their limits. With ClimaSys DT you can follow up on the most critical thermal variables affecting sensitive electronic components thanks to electronic health test.

3. Energy efficient thermal solutions

Often our customers ask us if simple ventilation architecture is good enough for their installations, or if a more powerful cooling unit is needed. Each installation is different. With ClimaSys DT you can measure the efficiency of the existing thermal solution in a certain period of time and determine a need to improve it or not.

4. Safety machines keep processes running

With ClimaSys DT you can detect hot and cold spots, and avoid condensation problems, doing that you can reduce technical breakdowns and increase the reliability of the machine and process.

For more info, please down download the e-brochure, “Get maximum control panel performace and reliability,and watch our video.

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