Personality Test: What Sort of Facility Manager Are You?

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Managing a thriving facility is no mean feat. Whether you’re juggling space allocation or keeping maintenance in check, we already know you’re an extraordinary multi-tasker, but now we want to know about the personality that keeps that level head above water.

Maybe you’re a lightning quick decision maker, able to sense impending disaster and take charge while others are still weighing their options. Or perhaps you’re cool and analytical, running the rule over countless data points before making your next move. Our facility manager personality test will tell you in under a minute.

Answer a handful of questions on common scenarios and you’ll see results generated immediately, gaining valuable insight into the type of person it takes to keep everything ticking, even under the trickiest circumstances.

Follow our #FMPersonality hashtag on Twitter too, and see the results your peers are scoring, and how you might differ.

There are five possible personality types and, while this exercise is meant to be entertaining, it’s also based on an established psychometric method.

Get started below, and let us know how accurate your results are in the comments section!

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