Why Poor Power Quality Costs Billions Annually and What Can Be Done About It

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“Power quality” can seem to be a pretty abstract term – how does one judge the quality of such an unseen commodity as electricity? But, as commercial and industrial facility managers know, good power quality can boost both productivity and employee safety, while poor power quality can mean a drain on the bottom line, thanks to damaged equipment, lost productivity and product spoilage.

This new Schneider Electric infographic illustrates just how extensive the consequences of poor power quality can be. And just as importantly, how beneficial improving power quality can be to an operation’s bottom line.


As the graphic states, poor power quality is estimated to cost the European economy up to €150 billion annually, according to the Leonardo Power Quality Initiative, and the U.S. sees losses ranging from $119 billion to $188 billion, according to research by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). But perhaps the most important statistic is the EPRI finding that 80 percent of power-quality disturbances are generated within a facility.

That’s right – the vast majority of voltage and frequency irregularities, among other power-quality problems, are created by equipment and processes within a facility’s own operations. There is a bright side to this information, however, because it means the solutions to any power-quality problems your facility might be experiencing likely lie within your control, as well.

Successfully addressing facility-side power-quality issues begins with an effort to track down their causes and locations. Fortunately, today’s advanced metering technology makes this job much easier than it used to be. For example, the PM8000 Series of multifunction power meters includes models suited for key metering points throughout a facility. The units can integrate easily with energy-management systems and offer a range of historical and real-time data-access options.

You can explore the benefits of the PM8000 Series in this brochure.

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  • Very usefull infomation for end user ,especially for industrial and manufacture.

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