[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 steps to optimize outdoor electrical installations

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The outdoor electrical enclosures challenge

Increasingly, electrical equipment is installed outdoors to be closer to where the action is taking place. Unfortunately, we have no control of the weather; therefore, the equipment is exposed to:

· Extreme heat, cold, humidity, dust, etc.
· Overheating and device malfunction
· Challenging locations, limited access to power supplies
· Corrosion, vandalism and pounding
When considering proper protection of outdoor electrical installations, a high IP rating is just not enough for many outdoor environments. The common practice of placing the electrical equipment in oversized enclosures is not the answer either.

That’s why Schneider Electric, with a fully integrated approach to solving outdoor challenges, has recently launch a complete range of Heavy Duty enclosures solutions certified for outdoor standards.

Discover why our outdoor heavy duty enclosures are your solution for high resistance and long life. And check out with the infographic the “6 easy steps to optimize outdoor electrical installations” below.

Heavy duty enclosure solutions engineered for total equipment protection, optimized for complete success