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All you electricians out there, what do you think makes a good electrician?
Not an easy question to answer when you consider how many hundreds and thousands of you are plying your trade worldwide. Difficult to find a common denominator among self-employed contractors, small outfits with 10 employees, or big ones with a 100, and between emerging and mature economies.
The electrician I want to talk about is the kind working in the home and small buildings. Chiefly, those of you who work in the mature economies, with regulations and mandatory standards. The trade is a highly skilled one, where quality brings added value and where there’s not much to choose between the good and the best.

Is electrician a trade like any other?
Well, yes and no. Take a salesperson in a shop. The more they sell, the more they earn. Up to a point, you could say that’s true of you electricians, too. But what about shops that do brisk business in tacky goods because they’re well situated – like a souvenir shop in a touristy area?
But electricians can’t afford – either ethically or commercially – not to deliver good goods. The best build their customer base through work that’s well done. Like a chef in a good restaurant. When he or she is outstanding, the cuisine is more than good – it bears the chef’s special touch. Which brings in the patrons. Who tell their friends who tell their friends.
That’s how it goes with you electricians, too, how you build their business. When your expertise and professionalism exceed customer expectations then the customer passes it on.

What’s good electrical work? And what’s the best?

The comparison with a chef is nearer the mark. You electricians build trade by word of mouth because you’re good. And, actually – but I’ll talk about that later – because you use the right “ingredients”, too.
So … what’s a good job? It’s safe, proficient, efficient, well finished. The fittings – outlets, switches, lights are well placed. Practical, convenient, comfortable. And the installation stands the test of time, of course. No shorts, no surges, no sockets coming unstuck, no fizzing light bulbs.
The good electricians don’t have to come back and they leave you with something extra. It might be energy efficiency to save you money and help you do your bit for the environment or a comprehensive protection system against all electricity-related hazards.
In a word, the best contractors exceed customer expectations.


But isn’t a good job one that’s just to specification?
Yes, of course. But, it’s not the best. Take surge protection devices. Often national codes don’t require them to be installed, so it’s up to customers whether they want them. But do they know what a surge protection is? The best contractor will explain and motivate. He’ll convince a customer that additional protection is not superfluous protection.
He’ll charge more of course, but quality comes at a price. Customers have to pay more, but they’ll be getting full protection and peace of mind for years.

In this competitive age don’t contractors have to be cost-conscious?
Whether they’re fitting a new installation or retrofitting old ones, the best contractors cut no corners either on time, materials, or quality. Theirs’ is business with a focus on delivering outstanding quality. And that’s worth paying for.
They don’t just take any job that’s going. By agreeing to do lots of small jobs at a cut price they lose their commitment to quality and they earn less. They take on only work where their expertise comes into its own, where they exceed customer expectations, and add that value that is their trade mark.

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  • Emergency Electrician Sydney CBD

    9 years ago

    The article explained the importance of an electrician. An electrician is the person who knows both the sides of the electricity its safety, and hazards when it is not normal. He is the right person to guide his customers and do as much as possible to avoid further electrical hazards.

  • I will add this to my blog as well. Thank you for the informative

  • I will add this to my blog as well. Thank you for the informative.

  • I would prefer to hire only an certified electrician to my electrical jobs. Otherwise it might turn up a terrible mistake. One of my friend ended up with short circuit problem in his house. So choose the right person for your electrical works.

  • True! some electricians would just keep on accepting orders jeopardizing the quality of their work. Too bad!

  • Well said, more informative and scope to understand what the customers expect from Electricians. Thank you for the information..

  • Interesting and informative post it is. Thank you so much to share very helpful and useful information with us.

  • I loved when you mentioned how a good electrician is safe. It is important to understand that choosing someone that cares about this can help you avoid problems. Personally, I would also want to take the time to check with the BBB in order to get s professional that can help me.

  • I really like what you said about how good electricians don’t have to come back and they leave you with something extra. If I owned a company and we had some wiring problems, I’d definitely consider being a repeat customer to a commercial electrician that goes well beyond our expectations every time. There is a quality of work and the right set of work ethics that is really hard to find these days.

  • Thank you for the useful information.

  • Thanks for mentioning that the best electrical contractors will explain your options to you and encourage you to protect your home’s electrical system in ways that aren’t required. My husband and I are currently trying to find an electrical contractor to do the electrical work on our custom home. It makes sense that the best electrician is one who cares, so thanks for sharing that tip!

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  • Thanks for the article. We always try to practice and preach what’s highlighting in this article as well – striving to become the best electrician Sydney! 🙂

  • A good electrical contractor will definitely take the time to answer all questions as well as take the time to do the work to the highest quality. A good electricians makes sure that they don’t have to come back for the same problem a second time- they do it the right way the first time.

  • Great info.. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the tip to look at word-of-mouth for an electrician to see if they do good electrical work. The lights in my basement stopped working, and I can’t get any power to work down there. I’ll start looking around for an electrician that has good word-of-mouth so I can get my basement fixed.

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