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4 key points for recycling Medium Voltage and High Voltage equipment

If you have Medium Voltage (MV) or High Voltage (HV) electrical equipment that is ready to retire, you need to determine whether or not that equipment contains Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas. Global warming is a concern for everyone, and organisations and businesses need to keep close watch of their greenhouse gases inventory . SF6, which is commonly found in various types of MV and HV equipment, has the highest Global Warming Potential of 23,500.

It must undergo a closed-cycle disposal and reuse process in the electrical industry to manage its impacts on the environment.

4 key points: The right end-of-life process for Medium Voltage and High Voltage units

As explained in my white paper, following the proper SF6 end-of-life procedure helps protect the environment and delivers a 98% recycling rate, making the substance available for reuse in electrical equipment.

  • Process begins by auditing equipment and developing a disposal and recycling plan
  • Electrical equipment owners select a trained and certified disposal/recycling partner
  • Hazardous waste managers dismantle equipment and safely extract the SF6
  • Recycling purification processes remove water, air, and the remaining toxic and corrosive by-products

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