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“Once in a while an innovative technology will catch my eye as an industry GAME CHANGER! Like when I first learned about the latest release of LayoutFAST and the exciting features in upcoming releases.”

The construction industry is under constant pressure to quickly deliver while keeping costs down and providing enhanced value associated with smart sustainable solutions. Digital design tools are increasingly being used to meet these business challenges. For example, designing with BIM offers many advantages, but the effort may prevent adoption. Expensive complicated design tools do exist, but there is a lack of easy-to-use tools that quickly make you efficient on day-to-day design tasks. There is also a lack of knowledge on how tools can be leveraged to be successful. Enter LayoutFAST, an award winning design software that turns minutes into seconds by providing unmatched BIM and selection tools for electrical equipment.

This new LayoutFAST release is available, not only as a downloadable Revit plug-in, but also as a web browser interface; it’s now easier than ever to share configurations with designers without the need for Revit software. In addition, the new features of LayoutFAST open up enhanced project workflow and delivery methods that were previously not possible.  This means value not only for designers and engineers, but also for contractors, electricians and facility operations!

What You Need to Know about LayoutFAST and BIM

  • Design
    • Create preliminary designs and layouts with minimal input
    • Easily select equipment and access essential design data and drawings
    • Ensure design intent and reduce risk by designing with greater level of detail
    • Improved stakeholder acceptance through detailed visualization
    • Add spatial margin to selected models for furnished equipment variance
  • Construction
    • Efficient transfer of detailed information between design and construction
    • Pursue larger projects with existing resources through gained efficiencies
    • Reduce costs and schedule by pre-fabricating in the shop vs onsite
    • Provide installers with accurate depiction of intended installation
    • Reduce waste by purchasing materials from accurate BOMs and takeoffs
  • Operations

The exciting news is the commitment Schneider Electric has to continuously improve content and features. LayoutFAST will be expanding into a suite of project, design and calculation tools for the entire project cycle!

What You Need to Know about the Future Releases of the LayoutFAST

  • Gateway to future suite of tools…
    • Project tools (e.g. BOMs, templates, etc.)
    • Auto drawing generation (e.g. single line)
    • Construction specification assembly and editing
    • Powerful electrical distribution system design software
  • Control and electrical panel layout for panel builders

Where You Can Learn More

Stay tuned for future GAME CHANGING TECH articles!

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