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The benefits of effective learning simulation

In my previous post on learning simulators, I discussed how this software is being used to actively engage professionals in their job-related training. These simulators are based on Dewey’s theory of ‘learning by discovery.’ While traditional learning models position the user as a passive subject, learning simulators involve the user to make decisions and become the protagonist in his or her training process – not unlike being the hero in your favorite video game!

Learning simulation offers numerous advantages to both users and the organizations that incorporate these programs in their data center software for training processes. Employees become aware of the consequences of their decisions and errors in situations that simulate reality; this exposure furthers their job-related experience and helps them gain confidence in performing specific actions, act more quickly, and take on more risks. The employer, in turn, benefits not only from more comprehensive employee knowledge but also the employee’s heightened on-the-job motivation and engagement.

Simulation training can be applied widely, as it is suitable for both digital natives and those employees with more experience; both can quickly transfer the learning experience to their jobs. Further, simulators can integrate learning into the employee’s working experience. The user can turn to the online learning platform at any time, instead of having to attend training sessions isolated outside of the productive process.

Leaders in energy management, transportation management, and other Smart Cities sectors will find learning simulators offer broad and flexible application; reduced training time and costs; and improved employee performance – and an excellent investment in operations.

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  • I think using simulation software is a great way to learn and apply your knowledge. It’s true that employees would become more aware of their consequences in relation to mistakes. I have been thinking of suggesting my company try it out.

  • lovely information shared… wait to read learning by discovery.

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