Charging into the future

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The number of electric vehicles (EVs) being driven in New Zealand is expected to increase significantly over the coming years. By the end of 2021, the government aims to have 64,000 electric vehicles on the road. In effect, it won’t be too long before more and more companies start offering charging solutions to their customers.

New builds or significant renovations present the perfect opportunity to include pre-wiring, to align with upcoming electrical regulations changes*.

If you are a company involved in, or planning to get into the EV market, long-term customer satisfaction should be your main priority. In selecting a charging solution, consider the following factors:

Design excellence

Electric VehiclesFor most, owning an electric vehicle is an easy decision. Considering huge fuel savings and reduced environmental impact, most would likely purchase one given the chance. However, most consumers may have little or no knowledge when it comes to what charging solutions would best fit their EV needs. This is a critical decision for them, and where your recommendation can help influencing their decision-making process.

All that’s required is a dedicated circuit from the switchboard to the garage or carport. By running the appropriate cable and using a temporary face plate at the outlet you can make the house ready for an easy future EV charger install. The best option is a fit-for-purpose charging station, supplied by a dedicated 32 amp, Type-B RCD-protected circuit such as PDL by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox and isolator range. Using a proper solution instead of a box and cable increases your upsell potential now and makes the house EV ready.

Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox can charge vehicles multiple times faster than using a normal domestic socket. It also makes the whole operation safer for homeowners as the heat produced when charging from a conventional socket outlet is a concern. The EVlink Wallbox is designed to manage heat over several hours of operation, providing a significantly safer charging process.

Installation of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and residual current device (RCB) adds safety at the switchboard. Both are available from Schneider Electric as part of the EVlink charging solution. Unique to Schneider Electric installations is the PDL undervoltage release that goes beyond conventional approaches to EV charging. It provides additional protection for your customers and their homes.

EV owners who need to charge their vehicles in a carport also face challenges such as weather conditions and security. The robust and weatherproof EVlink Wallbox is the perfect solution as it can handle harsh environmental conditions, it’s lockable and includes a theft-proof power cable.

The EVlink Wallbox also introduces delayed start charging if connected to a timer, providing homeowners with the cheapest, off-peak power rates and preventing dramatic power bill increases.

Proven support

Since EV Chargers are designed to be a long-term addition to every home, you’ll have to consider providing ongoing support and maintenance for the charging solution you install for your customers.

With a proven track record for manufacturing best-in-class products and a long history of providing industry-leading support, Schneider Electric will ensure there’s ample backup for you and your customers.

With easy access to replacement parts and spares, reliable nationwide distribution channels and industry leading technical advice and support, Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox will satisfy you and you customers over many years.

The future is now

New Zealand is a recognized world leader in the production of renewable energy so it’s about time we lead the way in utilizing it.

With our short average daily driving distances and readily available access to renewable energy, there’s no doubt that electric vehicles are here to stay. You can play a part in making them safer and more affordable to run by including the right wiring solution and encouraging your customers to consider installing the right equipment.

Making sure to pre-wire homes and select the best charger for long-term value will provide significant value to your customers. Choose PDL by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox and enjoy best-in-class quality, proven national support and easy access to spare parts and technical advice to make your life easier.

* The new, yet to be cited 2018 edition of AS/NZS3000  Electrical installations – known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules (including amendment 1) clause will require every new domestic electrical installation that has a garage, being fully enclosed space including a door that is used for accommodating a motor vehicle that is incorporated as part of the main dwelling structure, to have a facility to enable electric vehicle charging.

No exact date for citing the new edition of the standard has been announced yet but it is anticipated that this will happen mid-2020.

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