Arc Flash – Electrical Safety and Capital Optimization

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Working with multiple vendors is often a necessity for large scale businesses. However, it can pose some serious problems when it’s time to add new assets. This was the case for a large water authority that Schneider Electric serviced.

Arc Flash Detection helps improve safety of existing switchboards.
Arc Flash Detection helps improve safety of existing switchboards.

The Installation Plan

The plan is to install Arc Flash Detection (AFD) at the customer’s sites to help improve safety of existing switchboards—preventing possible catastrophic explosions or fatal accidents. Schneider Electric’s Arc Flash Detection system known as VAMP is typically installed inside an existing switchboard, along with sensors, power supply, IO signal processing and protection relay.

However, Schneider Electric noticed that the existing switchboards had their own unique configuration with switchgear from a variety of manufacturers. Any installation into this existing configuration would alter the specification. Specifically, attempting standard install of VAMP would cause havoc with the customer’s existing switchgear.

Thinking Outside the Box

In order to maintain unique configuration for each switchboard, it became apparent that the VAMP solution would be better accommodated if only the sensors were required to be physically inside the existing switchboard. This meant removing other VAMP components and moving them to a separate prefabricated AFD panel.

By making this change, our customer was able to ensure the safety of their staff and the public while saving money by not replacing the switchboards.

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