City of Atlanta Nominated for Top Water and Wastewater Project

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Schneider Electric’s project with the City of Atlanta Water Department received a nod at the 2018 iAgua Awards in Madrid

The City of Atlanta is making more strides to become one of the ten most sustainable cities in the United States… and has a top nomination to prove it. Schneider Electric’s project with the city’s Department of Watershed Management (DWM) was nominated for iAgua’s “Best Contract of the Year” for savings of $32.5 million in 15 years and $17 million in the future with an energy service performance contract.

City of Atlanta Water

iAgua, the leading water trade publication for Spain and the Latin Americas, held their annual iAgua Awards on December 19 in Madrid, a ceremony where the most influential entities and professionals in the water sector are recognized. Schneider Electric’s project with the City of Atlanta DWM was one of six nominees in the Best Contract category which aims to distinguish the best global contract during the 2018 fiscal year to respond to the various challenges for the supply and treatment of water.

The City of Atlanta DWM is partnering with Schneider Electric to implement energy savings measures across several of its water and wastewater treatment facilities. The city entered into an energy service performance contract (ESPC) to help reduce energy costs and contribute to the city’s goal of becoming one of the most sustainable cities in the country.

City of Atlanta WaterThe DWM operates three wastewater treatment plants, two drinking water treatment plants and seven combined sewer overflow facilities that serve a population of 1.2 million people each day. With Atlanta being the seventh-largest metro in the United States, electricity costs for only four of these facilities totaled $7.1 million annually. Schneider and Arcadis U.S. Inc., a global design, engineering and management consulting company, came realized these costs after assessing city facilities and utility expenses.

With the help of Schneider and Arcadis, this contract will allow the city to create energy savings and address capital improvements in two water reclamation sites, one water treatment facility, the solids handling of another water treatment facilities and the administrative/engineering offices.

Specific cost savings improvements include:

  • Increasing the life of facilities by replacing aging equipment with efficient technology
  • Reducing maintenance time with new mixing systems and UV lighting upgrades
  • Enhancing staff visibility with real-time metering
  • Diverting 4,500 tons of waste annually from local landfills

 In conclusion, the project will result in upgraded equipment with better technology. Old equipment that is approaching the end of its life-cycle or has exceeded it will be replaced or upgraded. These upgrades will allow for lower operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements and operate more efficiently.

This contract will save DWM $32.5 million in 15 years, plus $17.3 million in future capital savings due to the avoided replacement of equipment. It will also remove 6,770 metric tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, which is equivalent to removing 1,454 cars and powering 874 homes for one year.

Thanks to these upgrades — all made possible through an energy savings performance contract — the City of Atlanta’s officials are confidently taking strides to become one of the top ten most sustainable cities in the county while preparing for growth.

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