Drive Industrial Automation Success with Experienced Systems Integrators for Mining and Metals

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Digitization in the mining and metals industries has the potential to deliver over $425 billion in shareholder, customer, and environmental value by 2025, according to a 2017 report by the World Economic Forum. However, cashing in on this digitalization opportunity requires industrial automation strategic planning, strong industrial partnerships, and appropriate selection and deployment of digitalization technologies.

We at Sum of the Technologies, an experienced mining and metals industrial automation systems integrator serving the market in and around Russia, and recent winner of the Schneider Electric 2020 Alliance Partner Award, are in a strong position to help our customers develop their digitization plans.

For instance, many customers ask us about appropriate solutions for data acquisition and analysis and how to bring their manufacturing execution systems (MES) up-to-date. They prefer field-tested, proven solutions which is why we often recommend AVEVA Wonderware and Schneider Electric products and solutions, which are widely recognized as offering the best portfolio of solutions in many segments, including Mining and Metals segments.

The mining and metal industries is an extremely important market for Sum of the Technologies because, across Russia. and some of the former Soviet republics such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, mining is a growing industry as gold, copper, platinum, and nickel are all in large demand. Nickel, for instance, serves as a critical element in the manufacturing of electric car batteries. While extracting and processing these important metals, our customers seek help to lower their carbon emissions footprint, to improve worker safety, and to drive operational efficiency of manufacturing operations through digitization.

Industrial Automation for Mining and Metals

Get Maximum Industrial Automation Benefits from Detailed Methodologies

Mining and metals industrial operations are among the most complex in the world. Over the years, many of these organizations have struggled to attain a unified visibility of their operations. Operational silos have often prevented them from deriving the maximum business benefit from data that is commonly trapped within these separate silos. This is why we take our role as industrial automation systems integrators very seriously.  We have constructed a detailed process for helping these mining and metals organizations to unleash the power of their data. Listed below are some of the key project implementation steps we recommend when engaging in industrial automation digitization projects:

  • Assessment – Upon engagement with a client, we take several weeks to survey the customer’s entire cross-enterprise operations. We review the company’s documents. We analyze their business processes and their planning processes. We audit every system, large and small, and determine how the customer uses each of these systems (i.e., how that system performs, what measurements are used to determine performance, how data is collected and then analyzed). We interview the key operations stakeholders about both operational issues and anticipated results.
  • Implementation – Once we establish a comprehensive assessment of the entire operation, we carefully construct the new workflow plan. We present multiple framework options and proceed to combine and link solutions. We collaborate closely with the customer and listen carefully to their input. From there, we build user-friendly interfaces. The Wonderware product works to our advantage as plant engineers find the toolset to be flexible and user-friendly, enabling the easy integration of disparate systems. it is also very scalable and easy for customers to develop new systems on their own in the future if they choose to do so. The goal of the implementation step is always to provide the client with holistic insight into their operations ̶ from design to maintenance ̶ so that they can make faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Support – Our engineers train the end users regarding the various software solutions we implement. We perform demos of the systems and jointly consult on which platform best addresses their business requirements. Schneider Electric provides us with technical training (you can choose from 1,400+ courses), access to the Alliance Partner portal, webinars, and technical information for any of the product-related questions we may encounter. Therefore, our engineers are equipped with the latest information surrounding new products.  We then create a single integrated system for accounting and control of products across the customer’s value chain. This allows us to advise the customer about how to quickly identify bottlenecks and optimize costs. We also implement a change management approach that helps to prepare end user employees to adjust and support changes to their current manufacturing and business processes.

A Unique Differentiator That Helps Boost Production Efficiency

Mining and metals companies across Russia want to reduce their costs and increase their operational management efficiency.  We provide them with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) systems that address required functions, such as performance planning and scheduling, control and assignment of tasks, distribution and accounting of resources, systems process control, product tracking, and data collection and analysis.

But It is not all about introducing the best, most reliable technologies. In addition to programmers, technicians, and control systems engineers, a sizeable portion of our staff come directly from the Russian mining and metals industries.  They speak the same language as the end users who seek our help building industrial automation control systems. Our experts understand the processes of such companies in detail and offer clear ideas how to improve these processes. Their expertise serves as an important driver of our growth and success.

For More Information

To learn more about how the combination of collaboration and industrial automation digital solutions can enable modernization and enhance manufacturing efficiency and output, visit the Sum of the Technologies web site and the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ web site.

Sum of the Technologies Alliance Partner Award

Congratulations to Sum of the Technologies for their outstanding performance as a member of the Schneider Electric Alliance Partner Program.


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