How Advanced Process Control is Positively Changing Performance Metrics

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Guest Blogger: Rachel Carson, Marketing Analyst for the Process Industries

Today we live within a modern age of rapidly accelerating technology. From self-driving trucks to face-recognition payment systems, there is little to no room for error in this rapidly changing world. It is now more imperative than ever that companies keep up with the latest technology and become aware of all signs of asset failure or downtime before they even occur.

Production Optimization uses available data and information to provide additional intelligence and tools for operators through their daily job processes. In order for production optimization to be developed production stabilization, the development of making continuous efficiency improvements must first occur. Once process optimization strategies are developed, they are then used to consider the entire system and its constraints, including energy and financial inputs.

So how does the mining, minerals, and metals industry achieve production optimization?

Say hello to Advanced Process Control (or APC in short).  Advanced Process Control models and manipulates the process to improve the performance of the control system and underlying processing by:

  • Mimicking and surpassing the best operator behavior
  • Simultaneously manipulating multiple control variables to improve plant performance
  • Reducing the variability of key product qualities and parameters resulting in a more stable process operation
  • Improving control, then moving the operation closer to limits – better control means more $$

Four overarching benefits of Advanced Process Control

  1. Safety—Protecting people, assets, and process
  2. Reliability—Improving availability and reducing downtime
  3. Efficiency—Increasing productivity and reducing costs
  4. Sustainability—Extending asset lifecycle and optimize performance

Recent developments of APC have led to well-documented improvements for hundreds of industry operating processes and conditions. SimSci APC, for example, offers a modern and intuitive user interface, fast and flexible OPC connection tools, and automated model building.

Results of using APC

Mining Minerals Minerals -Advanced Process Control
These industry leaders now operate more efficiently and smoothly through SimSci APC

Advanced Process Control solutions can extract the maximum performance benefits from existing equipment while respecting plant operating constraints. Tools have greatly improved and facilitate easier use. With a very quick ROI of 6-12 months, some applications see results in only a few weeks!

Ready to learn more? Download the webinar…

On June 15th, Bill Poe outlined the importance of APC in The Impact of New Advanced Process Control Trends on Minerals Processing Operations webinar. He explains how APC effectively reduces mineral processing challenges with maximizing and sustaining production rates, yields, energy efficiency, and process stability. Watch the webcast.


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