A formal introduction… Process Optimization, meet Energy Optimization in Cement Manufacturing

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We have been talking about Process Optimization Systems for many years, but today the industry is striving for more! There is a need for a combination of both “Process” AND “Energy” Optimization in a proven solution with an effective way for a sustainable approach.

Industry is looking for…

  • Process stability and smooth operation
  • Individual process parameters with exact control
  • Optimum or higher production levels
  • Reduction in all overall energy consumption (ie. per ton), including fuel, electricity, water, auxiliary energy etc.

When a common system offering two solutions that are tightly integrated to provide monitoring /managing total energy along with optimization of the process…you have “PEO – Process and Energy Optimization” function achieved.

At the same time the industry is looking for a solution which is economical, for example: a ROI with less than 1 to 2 years, maintenance free with minimal systems needs (such as frequent software maintenance, fine tuning, expert interventions) otherwise performance is not achieved and a user friendly solution is desired.

Generally, on-line process optimization solutions provide various ways to use technology to optimize process and reduce energy consumption…

  • Arithmetic Models based on Cement Operator Experience
  • Uncertainty of Data-Based Models elimination
  • Auto-Tuning of Operating conditions
  • Auto – Adjusts itself to Recipe Changes
  • Allows to decide the best Operating conditions
  • Self invalidating improper signals
  • Automatic weight-age shifting of operating parameters
  • Allows for versatile rule formation in process
  • Takes care of changes in operating parameters & ranges
  • Dynamic parsing of rules suiting varied process conditions
  • Manages for every change in plant operating conditions

In a cement plant,there could be many off- line optimization measures that must be identified. This could result in large investments to be made in upgrading a mechanical system and replacement of equipment with a more efficient, better performing system. Or with just putting into place a more relevant, process sensing system you could receive more stability and better control giving you unbelievable returns in efficiency with production increase and energy reductions.

High level operations by a cement Process Expert System provides inputs to the system and also acts within limits to achieve better energy and production performances.PEO automation process control cement

In the above system the Inputs are the most crucial and important link without which no system can perform and give good results hence a stable input method is desired using high end sensors or sensors less technology, soft sensors based on calculation to get the real parameter and its accurate real time process values.

PEO automation process control

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