Are you doing everything you can to protect your operation from severe weather?

As someone who has worked in the mining and metals industry for many years, I am always looking for new specialty solutions that  could be aligned with this industry.  One of the solutions that really started to get me thinking was advanced weather solutions and how they can impact these heavy industries.

Two initial questions came to my mind: What kinds of concerns do these industries face during critical weather conditions? And what is the difference between an industrial grade / advanced weather system and any open weather application we can access (for free) from the Internet?

After some research, it was possible to identify several points of attention due to severe weather in the mining and metals industries: peoples safety, premature explosives detonation in blasting operations (due to lightning strikes), damage to automation and power distribution / power control equipment (affecting assets and peoples safety), rain and wind affecting the spread of pollution and hazardous gases.

Extreme weather may also affect the whole planning of industry operations (from operations to logistics).

And…. what about the advanced / “industrial grade” weather tool? What I personally liked about the industrial grade weather approach was the whole combination and customization of tools in a single suite: advanced graphics and weather displays, more accurate forecasting, real time detection and lightning information, integration with video security systems, and the use of mobility features allowing the quick access and tools for alerting and notification to the industry personnel.

In addition, the system delivers 24/7 online access to meteorologists (for questions and feedback related to the plant area).

In summary, the whole package is more responsive and brings a better user experience than an open weather (free solution) package; we just need to remember that industrial users manage larger areas, multiple facilities, critical infrastructure, and more people than homeowners.

Something else that caught my attention is that these tools have combined different weather / meteorological models to deliver a more precise forecast. The tools allow models to be modified and refined by meteorologists who can apply the human touch and made adjustments based on his personal experience and past events.

And for you? What kind of real concerns does your operations face due to critical weather conditions? Please, leave your feedback.


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