New flow measurement technology improves energy efficiency performance

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When most people hear the word innovation, they likely think of revolutionary technological advancements that fundamentally changed societies and created new markets, like the automobile and the internet.

However, meaningful advancements that bring incremental developments to companies’ production can drive sustaining impact. Solutions that amalgamate fresh ideas with existing technologies can help organizations answer persistent technical challenges and enable a smarter, more digital future.

At its core, incremental innovation leverages converged solutions for daily tasks. Few professionals understand this better than those working across engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) industries. Because EPC firms face unrelenting pressure to deliver future-ready, turnkey infrastructure projects to end-users, they are often the first to see how reimagined solutions can generate new value in existing applications.

EPC professionals are always looking for smart, reliable, and accurate instrumentation, automation, and support solutions that deliver better construction execution for the modern, high-performance facilities that customers expect. One example of how inventive thinking can transform a need into improved performance characteristics is flow measurement solutions – specifically, Schneider Electric’s fully reimagined EcoStruxure™ Coriolis series.

High-performance flow measurement improves efficiency and profitability

Maximizing profitability in petrochemical, energies and chemicals’ operations depends on accurate flow data measurements, stringent custody transfer protocols for high-value commodities, and strict regulatory compliance. Additionally, the drive to boost the industry’s sustainability is increasing manufacturers’ need to monitor resource consumption more closely. Facilities are looking at installing state-of-the-art, low-maintenance, reliable, and cost-effective intelligent flow measurement infrastructure. Precise and reliable Coriolis series flow meters are designed to meet those demanding applications and more.

Whether a business demands optimum utilization of industrial fluids, precise in-line quality control to prevent off-spec batch production yields, improved energy efficiency, or greater environmental and safety performance on-site, using dynamic flow meters can deliver innovation in five key areas:

  1. A wide range of applications – Straight and bent tube designs that come in various sizes and multiple wetted materials (suitable for low to high pressure and temperature settings) can cover virtually any process or application.
  2. Comprehensive measurements – Direct measurement of mass flow, density, temperature, total volume/flow, velocity, and flow direction create a comprehensive measurement of volumetric flow. Process components also help to create a custom concentration measurement for each application, simplifying CapEx costs while simultaneously providing actionable insights.
  3. Enhanced mechanical characteristics
    • Straight-tube Coriolis design provides a reduced pressure drop vs. bent-tube models (which are better suited for extreme process conditions), while increasing energy efficiency and sustainability and better address the accuracy requirements of many critical applications.
    • In-line design simplifies installation without requiring extra parts.
    • Standard secondary pressure containment enhances personnel safety and environmental protection and reduces the risk of damaging vital plant assets.
    • Instrument alarms alert operators to anomalous conditions.
  4. Sophisticated electronics ­– Smart diagnostics constantly verify the health and performance of the mass flowmeter, but just as importantly, vital information about the process conditions.
  5. Professional standards and collaboration – Compliance with API, NAMUR regulations and interoperability standards support advanced industrial automation applications.

Flow measurement that boosts productivity and safety

The Coriolis series of flow measurement devices was designed to satisfy the widest range of critical applications, such as entrained gas, viscous media, non-homogeneous mixtures, and slurries. Understanding that EPC firms are operating under complex and volatile business conditions, the range has also been optimized to help lower project risk, boost work productivity, and generate more favorable end-to-end project implementation outcomes.

Versatile solutions and services related to flow measurement can help in a myriad of ways, such as:

  • Reducing capital expenditures, limiting unforeseen issues during installation, and avoiding procurement delays. This way organizations can meet construction and budget goals.
  • Offering technical support and access to digital tools and resources that assist engineers in knocking down hurdles in selecting the appropriate size and type of Coriolis instrument to fulfill system specifications.
  • Faster commissioning with digital tools like software DTMs and easier installation, which help leave a smaller carbon footprint.

It’s important to find a partner in the early stages of the project who’s willing to help reduce the total cost of ownership. That’s something we do as early as the pre-feed stage, focusing on early data and validating data as soon as possible in the project lifecycle.

The market for versatile and accurate flow meters that comply with regulations for added safety, and include advanced sensor technology is growing fast. Process-intensive industries will need more advanced measurement solutions to help users reduce operating costs and reliably perform complicated tasks. Leveraging continuous innovation to generate better outcomes in industrial and engineering processes for end-users and EPC firms is precisely the design philosophy underpinning EcoStruxure Coriolis series. To learn more, download the brochure.

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