How Motor Management Solutions Are Acting for a Climate-Positive World

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As modern industrialists, we face mounting pressure from governments, society, and investors to demonstrate sustainability practices. Today’s buyers demand eco-efficient brands, green products, responsibly sourced materials, and sustainability-focused solutions and services. Achieving sustainable operations is one of the most important challenges industrial enterprises have ever faced. The good news is that the technology to address sustainability already exists. Digital electrification and automation solutions allow us to operate everything more efficiently.

The energy use of corporations typically comprises about half of their carbon footprint. A large driver of this energy usage comes from motors that consume between 60-95% of the electrical energy in a plant. Optimization of these motors, with a holistic motor management solution, can decrease CO2 emissions and have a direct impact on the sustainability of the operations.

One key way we can do this within our motor management solution is with our Altivar variable speed drives, which bring energy efficiency to industrial operations. Based on a transparent and rigorous methodology*, the drives sold by Schneider Electric on the 2018-2021 period will deliver very substantial CO2 benefits to customers: indeed, it’s more than 140 million tons of CO2 emissions that will be saved or avoided on the service life of the equipment.

 * More details can be found here:

A Holistic Motor Management Solution

There is no denying that motors directly impact industrial electrical distribution and equipment, as they are critical assets at the foundation of all industrial processes. With motors being large consumers of energy, even a slight optimization of these motors, can have a direct impact on the sustainability of the operation.

With the effective design, engineering, and management of motor applications, efficiently run motors can significantly contribute to a company’s sustainability, while driving high performance, productivity, and safety with less unplanned downtime and plant stoppages:

  • 30% reduction in energy consumption with the Altivar Process Drives
  • 20% improvement in motor availability
  • 4x faster recovery after an unexpected stop
  • 50% reduction in motor down time
  • 40% reduction in design time

With our motor management energy saving calculator (a part of EcoStruxure Motor Management Design) you get instant insight in to the calculation of your CO2 reduction as well as return on investment and payback period information based on your motor application characteristics.

Go Green

Our motor management solutions include Green Premium products that come with detailed information on their regulatory compliance, material content, environmental impact, and circularity attributes. The Green Premium™ label was created to provide Schneider Electric customers with healthier products and to be transparent with environmental and regulatory information. As a driver of sustainable operations and business performance for our customers and partners, our Green Premium products focus on:

  •  Resource performance and CO2 impact: Green Premium brings improved resource-efficiency throughout an asset’s lifecycle. This includes efficient use of energy and natural resources, along with the minimization of CO2 emissions.
  • Circular performance and cost of ownership optimization: To help our customers optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets, we provide IoT-enabled solutions, as well as upgrade, repair, retrofit, and remanufacture services.
  • Well-being, performance, and peace of mind: Green Premium products are RoHS and REACh compliant products.  We’re going beyond regulatory compliance with step-by-step substitution of certain materials and substances from our products.

The Road Ahead

Sustainability and sustainable operations are at the core of our purpose at Schneider Electric. We are committed to helping our customers become more efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. Through leveraging our broad expertise, we help industries manage their energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable, and efficient.

To learn more about how Motor Management solutions help Industries of the Future thrive, from design and build to operate and maintain, download the new Schneider Electric eGuide.

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