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Efforts to improve sustainability, efficiency and agility have been underway for some years now. To date many industrial companies have focused on facility energy efficiency projects and many have achieved great results. Today’s need though is to address the process where most industrial energy is used, and investment capital is spent. Agility, efficiency, workforce empowerment and sustainability are now pressing topics and they must all be addressed while still meeting the traditional measures of sales, bottom line profitability and return on capital. That’s where the hard work begins. We see a lot of commonality between general applications and applications in specific industries, and that helps. But companies and individual plants, processes and people are different. It takes a high level of intimacy and proximity to the actual facility to get digital transformation right.

And, that’s where our global network of Alliance Partners comes in. Our System Integrators (SI) and Industrial Automation Distributors (IADs) understand the application and supply needs of industries and plants in their geographies better than anyone.

To make sure that this network of Alliance Partners knows how to get the most from our Industrial Automation offer we’ve developed a range of industry, product, and application certifications. These benefit our customers by bringing more access to a pool of certified/qualified partners who can assist with their digital transformation journeys.

As a foundation we’ve designed solutions and reference architectures to meet the general requirements of industries, speeding time to market and optimizing system performance, but to build a system to completely match the needs of each and every customer location requires the intimate knowledge of one of our partners.

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To make it easier for customers to choose the right partner we also approve and classify distributors, integrators, and other partners according to product knowledge, service record, application, and industry knowledge. For example, BPX, a Schneider Electric Master Alliance Partner and Industrial Automation Distributor based in the UK has a team of sales and technical experts with a history of serving OEMs and end users in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Water & Wastewater industries.

Another Schneider Electric Master Alliance Partner, Raster Industrial Automation, specializes in process automation, motion and safety systems for the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Metals industries. According to Claudia van Batenburg, Raster’s Business Development Manager “These days, when it comes to systems integration within industrial environments, no one organization can do it alone. Who you know, and the resources you have access to via your ecosystem of partners, is what serves as a key marketplace differentiator. Therefore, our Alliance Partner relationship with Schneider Electric is so important to us and our customers.”

At Schneider Electric our diverse, highly specialized network of certified Alliance Partners is key to helping customers achieve their business transformation goals. We’ve developed certification programs for our Alliance Partners to qualify their competencies and proficiency so customers can be confident they’re working with someone who can best support their individual digital transformation journeys.

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