[Podcast] Strong Collaboration, Great Technology and Resilience to Drive Industrial Automation Systems Modernization

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When industrial automation upgrade projects are first launched, the stress of deadlines, cost control, technical glitches, and miscommunication all challenge the equipment vendors, systems integrators, and the end users involved. However, such distractions can be minimized when all parties collaborate and concentrate on what they do best.

As the existing installed base of industrial automation assets grows older, and as marketplace conditions increase in complexity, more manufacturing organizations are finding it difficult to remain competitive.

As a result, many of these businesses need to modernize their automation infrastructures. When modernizing a plant, the degree of change required will depend on customer demands, the strategic vision of the corporate leadership, and both physical and financial constraints.

In the first episode of Schneider Electric’s Industrial Insights podcast we discuss about these topics with PCI’s founder and president Christian Perrier and Enrique Birlanga, leader of System Integrator Partner Programs at Schneider Electric.

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About PCI Industrial Automation

PCI Industrial Automation began as a local firm and it has transformed into a firm serving an international market. The company offers consulting and integration services in industrial control, Industry 4.0 and robotic solutions that are based on a long-term relationship with their customers.

PCI has been a member of the Schneider Electric Alliance Program for the last 15 years and was the winner of the Schneider Electric 2020 Alliance Partner Award.  The program represents a commitment to Schneider Electric supporting loyal system integrators in satisfying our mutual customers and in profiting from common business opportunities.

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