How to gain advanced three phase control with NFC Control Relay today!

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At the most, only 5 dials can be accommodated for users to adjust ranges of controlled values: overvoltage and/or undervoltage thresholds, asymmetry threshold, time delay, hysteresis. Moreover, these coarse adjustments requires a screw driver and also calculations to convert percentage in values and vice versa. It’s not possible to duplicate the same settings from one relay to another.

Having a clear cover does not completely eliminate the risk of unauthorized users changing the settings as they can simply unlock the cover. Needless to say, relays without clear cover are fully susceptible to this risk.

Notably, three-phase control relays are used to protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to faults on three-phase systems. However, users are unable to directly monitor and analyze the condition of their three-phase systems except through the single LED indicator of the relay output, which only implies if a fault has occurred.

What if now, there is a solution to all these drawbacks?

With the new NFC (Near-field communication) control relay you can now enjoy greater accuracy, security and enhanced monitoring within the palm of your hand.

Say goodbye to analog operation of relays!

Integrating NFC technology into our 3-phase control relays brings digital experience for our users. With a simple tap on their smartphone screen, they can now set precise values for their desired settings, enjoy greater flexibility with two individually configurable outputs coupled with simple logic conditions and duplicate the exact settings to other NFC control relays.

Gain superior security!

NFC provides a secured setting thanks to a 4 digits password. That’s peace of mind since there’s no more risk to tampering the settings.

Experience advanced monitoring!

Empower machine operators or technicians into higher efficiency with the fault diagnostic function embedded in the NFC control relay. At first glance of the LED indicators on the front interface of the NFC control relays, they can deduce the type of three-phase faults occurring at the moment. Furthermore, real time updates and historical fault events of the three-phase systems can be analyzed from their smartphone hence resulting in lesser down-time and minimizing maintenance.

 Start exploring NFC control relay today with the details available here.

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