IIoT Drives Efficiency and Productivity of Your Refinery

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How can refineries leverage and exploit the voluminous data generated every day? How can they use the data to make crucial decisions and capitalise on the opportunities presented? Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the game-changer—it is transforming the way refineries collect, analyse and use data across the supply chain. IIoT augments the value of plant refineries, improves operations and enhances the workforce productivity. IIoT will allow synchronisation of leading and lagging indicators in near real-time.

Through this technology, challenges like reliability, speed, uptime can be addressed. Unplanned shutdowns can be prevented that leads to a terrific amount of revenue loss. Based on the requirements of the refinery, IIoT can be implemented to meet the demands, improve efficiency and safety, and reduce downtime or increase uptime.

Here are some steps to integrate IIoT into your Refinery Plant:

  • Begin in a pilot area where problems occur
  • Assess the ROI before expanding the scope of the project
  • Incorporate asset monitoring and management projects
  • Assimilate IT and OT infra
  • Consult with Schneider Electric, who are the front runners in this space

Through the above steps, you can digitise your refinery—enhancing efficiency and optimising the performance of the plant through IIoT implementation.


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