Ideal Solutions for Effective Motor Management

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Motor starters are effectively used to manage the functionality of the motor to which it is linked. Motor management does not simply refer to motor maintenance – it involves so much more, like ensuring efficient power management and power distribution amongst these motors.

Motor protectors are also critical for ensuring the effective performance of the motor at all times, to negate discrepancies in production and to reduce installation costs. Motor controls are essential for the output of any manufacturing company and securing maximum functionality of your motors is, thus, a priority. The following are the most practical solutions for ideal motor management:

Evaluate the Application 

Each machine consists of multiple unique components, such as a conveyor belt, crane, fan, gas compressor, amongst others. All these elements require different treatment, hence the optimisation process for all of them is different. For all these applications, a host of factors need to be kept in mind such as speed, inertia, and torque. All the needs of the industrial process such as starting and halting operations, speed control, and the integration process with other applications need to be thoughtfully evaluated before moving on to the next step.

Picking a Motor Control 

After conducting a thorough evaluation of all the processes, one can start with choosing the respective machine control for the same. A motor controller fundamentally serves to regulate the functionality and performance of an electric motor. If your goal is not synchronisation with other instruments or saving energy, then you may pick a motor starter. It is easy to conclude that weak networks and critical motors require a motor starter as they need to be constantly started and have a low integration cost.

Motor Protection is Critical 

Electrical installations and motors require consistent protection from situations of overload, short-circuits, and faults. This protection can include switchgear, protection relays, servo motors, or servo drives.  Conversely, complicated and critical motors need voltage transformers that oversee the power and frequency of the electrical supply and records the volume of voltage being used in a motor. Due to the enhanced time and effort spent on the installation work, they are considerably more costly.

Regulate Motor Assets 

Predictive Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of preventing production losses and situations of emergency. It is important to connect your devices to SCADA systems. SCADA supervise all activities to ensure that defaults are taken care off well in advance.