Simple to use motor circuit breakers as a result of innovation

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We live in a constantly changing dynamic environment. Therefore, innovation is a key driver for success. It means more than just research and development. In other words, it refers to changing, creating more effective processes, products and ideas. For almost a century, designers of electrical systems have depended on Schneider Electric for demanding operations. From switching and protection to monitoring and control, customers trust the TeSys innovation legacy.

Innovation is the key

Advanced settings and pre-alarming would make anything easier. EverLink guarantees lasting connection. In other words, we do not need yearly periodic re-tightening any more. This patented creep-compensating technology provides many benefits. For instance, spring-based system ensures a long-lasting power connection. At the same time it is reducing overheating and ensuring the correct torque tightening each time when you install the products.  In addition, circuit breakers can be mounted on a DIN rail in one click without any accessory. Can it be easier?

Century of Digitization

Noways we are trying to digitize everything as much as possible.  We would not leave our house before checking at least one application (App) on our devices.  Digitization has reached Industry. NFC App (near-field communication) with user-friendly interface eases maintenance and helps to make diagnosis and check the fault history. That makes our products one of the most accessible. The fact that the product itself is compact, makes the panel more cost competitive with less columns. Moreover, the same spare drawer can be used for several motors. GV4 divides by 5 the number of references to manage through a wide range of overload settings provided. Did you know that TeSys GV4 can have a toggle or direct rotary handle, or equip a toggled one with a direct, front or side handle? If few years ago customers had to go through catalogue pages to find the right product and accessory, now everything can be done in a few minutes. New Product Selector tool can help you to find the right product, the save time and reduce chance of making mistake.

Easy but safe

TeSys motor controls come with all the isolation, protection and emergency handling you need to comply with international codes, standards and regulations (CE, UL, SA, CCC, EAC). High-contrast covers identify safety-critical devices to prevent inadvertent manual operation. Every TeSys contactor is both mechanically linked and equipped with mirror contacts for safety applications – and wherever auxiliary contact state reliability is critical.

The most flexible system on the market

TeSys motor controls are easy to choose and easy to use. For instance, single configurable control unit can provide a wide range of current settings and control voltages. In addition, TeSys motor controls offer the plug-and-play convenience and flexibility you need to optimize your panel designs. And the wide selection of common TeSys installation accessories help you keep inventories and costs down.

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