An Introduction to SCADA Systems

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What is SCADA System?

SCADA System refers to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System. Primarily, it is a network of all the machinery and equipment in the system connected through a centralised hub. The hub acquires all the data from the site. It includes information like machine status, process status, health of the machine, its throughput etc.

Functions of SCADA

All the equipment connected through machine control are operated through instruction sent over the web. The processing unit analyses the data and supervises the healthy functioning of the signals transmitted in the entire unit. The data is stored for valuation in a distributed database. The acquired data also has reference metadata stored for in the different database such as a programmable logic controller (PLC).

How does it work?

The complete SCADA systems has four significant units namely – data communication, data acquisition, information or data presentation and monitoring and control system. With complete symphony in the above four mentioned units, the entire operation of the automation system can be monitored. The data acquisition system fetches real-time data from all the connected machine units. The data reports about the status of all the components and sensors, where data communication network comes into play. The system ensures accuracy in data being transferred through the internet protocol. Once the data is collected, the processing unit analyses the data and presents it to the operator through Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

The comprehensive system works in close connection with predictive maintenance also. The data relayed by communication system after processing is also analysed by this system to detect any shortcomings that may occur in the system. This reduces the susceptibility of system breakdown or expected downtime due to a faulty line.

Application of the System

Although this is a new technology, businesses have already leveraged the technology in both the public and private sector. It has brought about immense satisfaction in the operation managers because the system makes the production line foolproof. This also streamlines packaging and delivery lines following the processes. The overall automation and process control has helped to save a significant amount of money and time. This is the reason why many more enterprises are looking for automating their industrial processes. With the Industrial Internet of Things taking the front seat, it is essential to look for companies helping businesses step towards automation. Schneider Electric India is one of the significant names in the research and development of the automation industry. It has not only brought these systems to common units but also helps the employees to upskill their knowledge by training them how to operate the machinery.

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