The industrial IoT for predictive maintenance: A game-changer

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Industrial Internet of Things is gaining popularity as most of the industries are heading towards automation. Studies by researchers and analytics have brought this into notice that the technology is bringing in revolution in the computation sphere. However, the fact cannot be denied that every machinery is prone to breakdown.

To make the plant sustainable and to avoid downtime, it is important to have a foolproof system that monitors the functioning of the machine. Unexpected downtime can be a cause to major industrial and equipment loss. Here is when predictive maintenance and HMI systems come into picture. The primary objective of predictive maintenance system is first to predict failure that might occur in the equipment and then, prevent it from happening. The monitoring system analyses the machinery and intimates the operator before any failure is bound to occur. It makes sure that the maintenance frequency is as low as possible to prevent unplanned reactive maintenance.

Having a considerable amount of knowledge about real field data can help you predict failure and build a better product. It can also impact your top-line. A secure line of manufacturing always have a positive impact on the supply chain and keeps the entire production unit running. Manufacturers, producers and service providers all over the world are looking beyond selling hardware – they are simultaneously looking at selling value-added services which 100% guarantee recurring revenue.

Predictive maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring directly have an impact on equipment uptime. Hence, by investing in Predictive Maintenance system the manufacturer is guaranteed better functioning equipment and ultimately better throughput. Moreover, it adds credibility to the business venture as it becomes a lot safer and reliable to operate.

With autonomous maintenance, predicting early failure in equipment, preventive replacement, and condition monitoring, these CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) software facilitate TPM Implementation (Total Productive Maintenance) in real time.

Companies like Schneider Electric India are powering businesses to move towards the automation sphere. It is continuing to be the game changer in this field owing to the upscale it brings to the industrial plant. Technologies like Predictive Maintenance are now backed with Human-Machine Interface and SCADA Systems that makes the operations easy to understand and map. The entire shift towards automating the processes have brought a flair of changing trends and ultimate security to the business.

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