Operational Excellence: Likely the Most Overused Term in the Process Industries

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Operational Excellence is one of those terms that has numerous definitions and just as many overuses. It can mean everything from operator training and knowledge retention to process automation and optimization to enterprise decision support and mobile-enabled augmented reality. Why can’t it be all four? To eliminate any one would achieve some level of operational excellence but not the optimum.

Why is Operational Excellence important to you?

One word: Profitability. Right time information drives, and accelerates, profitability. Executing a comprehensive Operational Excellence strategy will not only provide immediate savings today but will help drive excellence well into the future.

Operational Excellence involves assets, processes, and people

In refineries and chemical plants, Operational Excellence is the attainment of efficient, reliable and agile operations to achieve optimal profitability for the assets, processes, and people.

Operational Excellence is a continuous process

It is also important to understand that Operational Excellence isn’t achieved overnight. It is a methodology that takes a commitment to focusing on continually improving the process, and its operators, over the long term. You can expect these key benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Lower costs and higher margins
  • More efficient, flexible, and reliable production
  • More highly skilled and agile operators
  • Empowered employees across an enterprise
  • Greater global competitiveness

This type of strategy will allow the chemicals industry to achieve more efficient and flexible production, reduce operating costs, and promote a safer work environment. For more information, visit the Chemicals industry page.

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