Stand out from the Competition with Energy-Saving Smart Panels

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The new industrial revolution is changing how builders of control panels, switchgear and panel boards design and operate today. To remain competitive and profitable, panels will have to be smarter – that is, better connected and more efficient, flexible and safe. Energy efficiency is also a critical factor, with customers demanding less energy consumption, better quality and higher performance. Below, you’ll find two little steps that can make a huge difference.

1.  Maximize your investment with mechatronics 

“Mechatronics” refers to technology that combines automation and mechanical engineering. Mechatronic machine designs are the most energy-efficient and reliable, giving you the lowest possible total cost of ownership and other key benefits. 

2.  Implement the right automation architecture and control & power system

Automation and control functions offer a wide range of possibilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste, so they should be considered systematically.

First, consider that you can save up to 30% energy with already Tested, Validated and Documented Architectures to quickly build an automation solution. The benefit comes from being open and flexible – and ready to use and customize.

Next, make the right choices to optimize your automation control system’s power usage.

  • Choice of contactors: Low-consumption contactors or contactors for specific functions can significantly increase energy efficiency, thanks to a reduced number of power contacts and very low energy consumption of the control circuit.
  • Choice of HMI (graphic terminals & panels): The management of backlights in HMI panels can save 65% of the power they consume, for example by powering off the display when the machine is in idle mode.
  • Controller sizing: Controllers that are properly sized to the application at hand will also help reduce energy consumption.
  • Use of LEDs: LED technology offers a low-consumption alternative to incandescent lights in push buttons and indicator lights, but are typically brighter for improved indication.
  • Power Factor Correction: Positioning machines closer to the source of power optimizes energy usage – and helps end users avoid penalties and pollution in the electrical network.

Automation and control Panel Builders

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