Digitizing the Mobile Workforce

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Gone are the days of flip phones and Palm Pilots. We’re on to bigger and better things. Automation, control, optimization. Today, we walk around with mini-computers in our back pocket. So why are refineries still gathering and documenting data on paper; papers that can be lost, piled, or filed? Did you know that:

  • More than 50% of maintenance costs in a refinery are related to improper operation?
  • 89% of all components fail randomly, most often due to neglecting basic care?
  • Secondary equipment failures are 8 – 10 times more costly than primary equipment failures?

The front-line opportunities to improve plant reliability, safety, and operational profitability are infinite. Value lies in digitizing the mobile workforce, thus, maximizing efficiency and improving collaboration. This is accomplished by:

  • Empowering workforce with the right information to perform field tasks
  • Reducing response time to critical issues
  • Enforcing best practices in maintenance tasks and operator rounds
  • Capturing stranded data for more holistic view into operational performance
  • Enabling operator driven reliability
  • Increasing plant safety and decrease risk

A mobile workforce software and decision support system delivers configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware solutions that enable workflow, data collection, and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking, and compliance applications.

Wonderware IntelaTrac can reduce risk by equipping field workers with the information they need to make tough decisions on the spot. Putting details like operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams and operating history in the right hands improves availability, productivity, safety and compliance.

Digitizing the workforce has numerous benefits:

Benefits of Digitizing Mobile Workforce

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