First Born Digital Twins

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The ongoing digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate from tracking data to using data to make decisions. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is pervasive across most industries. Schneider Electric has extended the capability of our platform to deploy, manage and derive value from additional IIoT connections at the lowest possible cost.

The Power of the Digital Twin

The idea of a “digital twin” was cultivated from growing connection points. A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical asset that represents the structure and behavior of that asset in real life. The power of a digital twin is that it allows someone to observe the behavior of the physical asset and learn from the past and present operations to make predictions about future operations. This knowledge is incredibly powerful because it allows you to peer into the future to anticipate problems before they happen, resulting in safe, more efficient and profitable operations.

First Born Digital Twin™ – Schneider Electric Process Engineering

First Born Digital Twin™

What’s new is the introduction of the idea of a “first born digital twin.” As part of the process design lifecycle, a model is typically created to simulate the plant before it is even built. So, you have the first born digital twin before the physical asset is even built to the specifications of the first born twin.

The Schneider Electric Process Engineering portfolio creates the first born digital twin™ which enables engineers to test a physical asset twin before anything is constructed. This allows for the process, equipment, and operations to be analyzed and optimized for safety, reliability, and profitability.

Once the first born digital twin is optimized, a company can give birth to the physical asset twin. Once the physical asset is up and running, the connection between the digital twins continues as operations are continuously monitored, adjusted, and optimized based on real-time data – collected from the sensors around the plant.

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