Smart Connected Pipeline – Setting the Standard for Success for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Schneider Electric is forever forward-thinking. That means, implementing architecture that enhances control, safety, and performance is the foundation of our operations.

Embracing the IT-OT convergence has become this foundation, abandoning archaic, cost-cutting measures for an innovative and forward-thinking model—optimized collaboration between people, processes and technology.

Application of a Smart Connected Pipeline solution has curbed the chance of error and offered a competitive framework for our business, positioning Schneider Electric as an industry leader and setting the standard for success within the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas companies have struggled to use real-time operating data to improve functional and business capabilities due to a deluge of data. Schneider Electric provides the opportunity to invest in a Smart Connected Pipeline solution to rectify this data dilemma, bringing companies into the 21st century.

We understand integration breeds efficiency. So, by abandoning the antiquated and ineffective practice of isolated operations—transactional interactions that impede collaboration—Schneider Electric has sought consistent improvements and insights within integrated pipeline management. And, companies that have come to follow this model have benefitted.

Alan Acquatella, vice president of major capital projects states, “More data means more efficiency. Better data means more opportunity for analysis.”

Investing in a smart connected pipeline solution is an investment that stands to provide a return over many, many years. This type of purchase can provide the building blocks for faster innovation and achieving desired business outcomes long-term. Success is reliant on the integration between:

  • Technology (to access data): Fund data management and analytics as a business case at the enterprise level. Strive to ensure availability of high-quality, actionable, trusted, and complete data.
  • People: Build skills in advanced analytics and complement those capabilities with a culture of collaboration. Apply analytics-driven insights to management decision-making. Work with data scientists and the business to ensure that data analytics align with business objectives.
  • Processes: Emphasize development of governance and performance measurement capabilities, internally or externally. Governance skills are critical to ensure proper deployment of data analytics. Also, create processes for information management and application development, along with information consumption.

As business conditions continue to increase in complexity and competitiveness, oil and gas companies will be challenged to remain profitable and viable. New approaches involving collaboration between organizations and solutions providers can be a powerful approach to overcome these challenges. By establishing an integrative, smart connected pipeline strategy that provides exceptional operational and competitive advantages, Schneider Electric has proven the viability of this innovative model and our role as a thought leader within the oil and gas industry. For more information, click here.

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