InTouch Wins Innovation Award for Industrial Design by “Observeur du Design”

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Wonderware InTouch human machine interface software has won the award “etoile du Design”, by “Observeur du design 2016 “, an initiative of the A.P.C.I., the  French Agency for the Promotion of IndustrialCreativity that rewards the best and most innovative projects in the field of industrial design. 
HMI-observeur-news-Wonderware-InTouch-wins-award-observerdeign[1]The award was presented on December 1, 2015 by Anne Marie Boutin, president of A.P.C.I., for  the Wonderware InTouch 2014R2 OEM application design illustrating the ease of use of InTouch software and its goal oriented HMI Situational Awareness libraries.   
“InTouch software and its situational awareness capabilities have been proven to help maximize productivity and availability while minimizing costs, such as raw materials, energy consumption and waste,” said John Krajewski, director of HMI and SCADA product management for Schneider Electric Software.
 (View screenshot of InTouch HMI with Situational Awareness)
 “For example, because InTouch software’s situational awareness graphics allow operators to track current processes more easily and intuitively, they can assess and troubleshoot abnormal situations 40 percent faster than when using traditional HMI. Winning this award validates our approach to providing a superior user experience. Wonderware InTouch allows operators to take a proactive part in improving the plant’s productivity, safety and efficiency, and it demonstrates our commitment to enabling greater operations optimization, problem resolution and workforce improvements.”

For more information and to download the free white paper on situational awareness, please visit Wonderware InTouch.

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