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Industrial Big Data, IoT, Mobility and More at the 2015 Software User Conference

If you’ve been reading my blog posts over the past several months, you’ve probably realized that I write a lot about predictive analytics. The truth is though, that the Schneider Electric portfolio includes several different software solutions for industrial applications. To find all the blog posts about our industrial software solutions, go back to the home page of this blog, select “Blog Directory” and then click “Industrial Software.”

If you’re interested in learning more about some of our solutions, i.e. Wonderware eDNA, Wonderware EBS, Avantis .PRO, Avantis Condition Manager and Avantis PRiSM, consider attending the 2015 Software User Conference in Chicago. Attendees will participate in technical sessions, network with industry leaders, hear about innovative projects and product enhancements, in addition to learning about some of our new offerings.

The agenda this year is packed with informative sessions, customer case studies, roundtables and training opportunities. For example, you may be interested in a session about “Data Management, Predictive Analytics and Mobility in the Cloud” or intrigued by “Historians Are Just About Past Data, Right?” You’ll also be able to interact with some solutions at various demo stations. And of course, we like to have fun. The special event will be hosted at the Shedd Aquarium, featuring refreshments and dinner amidst one of Chicago’s best skyline views.2015-Avantis-PRiSM-WW-eDNA-EBS_Final

For more information or to register for the 2015 Software User Conference, please visit the event website.

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