Combining Image Capture with Monitoring

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I’d been looking around for an article on the relationship between image capture and more conventional measurement and instrumentation.

In SCADA systems there have been instances I recall where image capture can be triggered by door movement for security purposes.  The door opens, the person or animal coming in [yes Kangaroos can open doors] triggers an image capture – where the image captured is then uploaded to the central control room.


An article contributed by Justin McGar  and Architecture Construction  however describes how remote image capture can assist in providing key data to assist in long term asset performance monitoring.  In the case referenced it’s an almost 2 century old convict built bridge in Tasmania…

The interesting part here is the combination of a stream of real-time sensing of vibration coupled with high resolution image capture for later analysis.  It’s a bit of an advance of the door photo triggered by a Kangaroo perhaps.