Increase the flexibility of your manufacturing lines with new machines designed with multi carrier technology

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Consumer expectations and buying habits continue to evolve, with the need for more variety and more personalization than ever before. Consumer packaged goods companies are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and flexibility of their production lines, allowing the manufacturing or packaging of different types of products on the same machines, with very little changeover times.

By decoupling product transportation from the overall machine cycle, you no longer need dedicated modules for conveying, separating groups or positioning products which means you can rapidly changeover products. This is what you can easily implement with our new Lexium MC12 multi carrier.

Increase performance and improve machine footprint

Let’s look at this in this 3D interactive bottling machine line example. If the machine worked without a multi carrier it would go through processes phase by phase.  The capper may work faster than the filler, so the capper is left waiting 50% of the time.

With Lexium MC12 multi carrier, the processes are decoupled so the bottles can run quicker through the capping process, even when the number of capping heads is reduced.  And so, the machines have a smaller footprint (a smaller machine with fewer capping heads) while delivering improved performance. Likewise, if robotic travel time can be reduced thanks to the flexibility of the positioning of the carrier, then efficiencies can be made.

Smart transportation systems can also improve production flexibility with:

  • The Lexium MC12 multi carrier can automate format changeover, drastically reduced changeover times. With a click of a button, you can choose which format is needed, making the change without downtime. Or it can be fully automated between different changeovers.
  • It also allows carriers to move independently from each other on the track system, with individual velocity. This offers a new degree of flexibility, allowing the carriers to place or group products at the right time, in the right position, in discrete machine processes.
  • The track is built in modules, for speed and flexibility, with easy mounting and demounting of segments for seamless adjustments. Sensors positioned along the track monitor the motion of every product, ensuring the process is working as designed. Any deviation that occurs, for example additional force being exerted onto the machine, can be assessed and an increase in scheduled maintenance can be made to ensure downtime is minimised.
  • The Lexium MC12 multi carrier with EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, our new Digital Twin, means you can virtually test new products or lines, without disrupting the current process. And the design can be modified at any time during operation to meet the production requirements.

With the Lexium MC12 multi carrier you can:

  1. Increase performance and flexibility. With independent product motion across the track system to transport individual items to where they need to be.
  2. Enjoy faster machine integration and maintenance, as well as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance with integration into Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Machine software environment
  3. Increase OEE. Achieve sustainable, agile manufacturing with less maintenance using long-lasting steel components with a smaller machine footprint. The increased level of diagnostic tools results in reduced unplanned downtime and efficiency is increased by being able to use the same machine for different product requirements.

Learn how the Lexium MC12 Multi Carrier can improve your facility’s flexibility and performance. Visit

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