Making smart decisions to optimise the future of CPG

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The new wave of digitisation has brought tremendous opportunities and is paving the way for the industries of tomorrow. The arrival of automation and IIoT has accelerated growth and development in industries to deliver enhanced efficiency to meet the evolving demands of the new world.

Ensuring the effective running of a business requires coordination among different aspects like management and operations which involves proactive monitoring and timely action. For example, when building assets are in optimum condition and perform the way they should, they create ideal conditions for the building occupants while improving overall satisfaction with the premise. Similarly, the CPG Industry can ensure uninterrupted continuity and enhanced productivity by leveraging the power of IoT and connected automation at their disposal.

Advisor tools powered by ML and IoT are the answer to challenges in the CPG Industry and can learn from different processes and diagnose a multitude of equipment and assets for optimum functioning and profitability and tracking in general. This ensures that facilities are more resilient to unforeseen risks and can optimise productivity seamlessly without interruption.

Besides, the technology has vast implications from analytics, equipment availability and status monitoring, contactless maintenance and more importantly, mitigation of disasters ensuring optimum protection and safety.

Envision a better energy and sustainability landscape using a single, cloud-based platform by collecting and aggregating cross-enterprise information. Access sustainability metrics, facility information and supply data; all these conveniently in one place without any hassle, allowing you to leverage analytics to improve collaboration. These culminate in getting all the relevant data you need to make important decisions and prioritising projects for improved performance and ongoing sustainability.

You can easily get AVEVA and Schneider Electric’s industrial software to enable operational improvements, maximise return on capital investments, and increase profitability through actionable insights that help in making smart business decisions and optimising your F and B operations for the CPG industry of the future.

The wave of change is here, and it is transforming the CPG industry to become more connected, available, proactive and sustainable in all aspects of operations. It is time everyone capitalised on the vast opportunities that digitisation has to offer to become more sustainable and efficient industries of tomorrow.