Transforming the dairy industry into a model for resiliency, reliability and sustainability

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The Industries of the Future must deliver the next generation of sustainability and resiliency. There is a Pressing need for CPG Industries to evolve and meet the evolving vision of the future. Different industries can achieve resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability through innovative means like open automation, flawless software, and Digitization.

The webinar session was truly insightful and informative for everyone involved and discussed some of the emerging trends in the modern dairy industry. The industry experts vividly painted a picture of the dairy industry of the future and cited great references of instances where we can view the paradigm shift in dairy in the modern-day.

Sustainability was a profound point of interest that was discussed and many suggestions and implementations were proposed where the dairy industry can work towards a sustainable process and infrastructure.

The industry stalwarts highlighted critical points where the industry must adapt to meet the evolving demands of the consumers and also the various sectors in which they can grow. The webinar concluded in establishing that the benefits of automation and technology in the dairy industry can effectively result in improved profitability, animal health, lifestyle and milk quality.

“The combination of energy and automation. One cannot be successful without the other” and it must be integrated to achieve sustainable results. An efficient industry framework is one where progress is made without causing harm to the planet. This not only delivers optimised efficiency but is also sustainable. Automation saves time, but it can also provide essential information that will enable dairy farmers to be proactive rather than reactive, especially in terms of nutrition, reproduction and animal health.

As technology evolves, the dairy industry will continue evolving with it. The future of technology in the dairy industry echoes the trends of today: drones are used to scan fields, facial recognition software is being developed for animals, and cell phone apps are used to monitor herd health. The industry strives to promote a quality product, animal care, and sustainable practices–a key foundation of this means quality checks at every step!

The webinar, with the insightful inputs of the industry stalwarts, laid the foundation for what the dairy industry looks like today and how the rapidly changing scenario of the industry will look in the future with the successful integration of automation and other emerging technologies. This will build a more resilient and transparent framework for the functioning of the dairy industry to meet traceability and sustainability while delivering on evolving customer demands.

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